Monday, November 25th, 2013

Best Christmas trees around

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If a driver on Washington Pike has a second to take his eyes off the narrow curving road, at the intersection with Childs Road, he’ll see acres of finely trimmed Christmas trees.

That’s just one of the rolling fields of House Mountain Christmas Tree Farm, begun in the early 1990s by my uncle and aunt, Zach and Norma Henry. This video and article from early November, when people were already starting to come to Childs Road to cut their own trees, give an idea of some of the connection and memories that make the farm so much more than just a business.

Some people even make 2-day journeys to get their trees. One year 2 families from the same county in Mississippi showed up in the same field, neither knowing the other was coming.

Beginning this Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, Aunt Norma will have free cookies, hot cider, and hot chocolate out  for tree shoppers at:

6300 Childs Road, Corryton, Tennessee, 865-687-0324

(Note: Google maps is wacky on this one. On Google, you need to search 6280 Childs Road–that puts you at what’s really 6300. Other maps may be correct.) Childs road isn’t long; look for the big red mailbox on the north side of the road–or just follow the other cars to the most beautiful trees around.

If you’re in the neighborhood (or wanting an enjoyable drive), stop by and Aunt Norma will point you in the right direction for the tree you want. Pick up a saw, pick out a tree, cut it down, and come back to pay for it and enjoy the goodies. Tell her her favorite niece Noël sent you. Maybe that will get you a couple of extra cookies.

Weekends, just down the road, in the field near Washington Pike and Childs Road, there’ll be a tent where I’ll have out some items for sale: hand-knitted cotton dishcloths, decorative eyeglass chains, and Christmas star ornaments. Ask Aunt Norma how to get there.


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  1. That’s my sweet sister Norma Henry, and House Mountain Christmas Tree Farm.Love you Sister Gloria

  2. Hi, Noel
    A new friend here in KH wondered if she could get one of your advent calendars. Sorry to find out the answer is ‘no’. She is very creative though so I am sure she will come up with something. Ours is 17 yrs old but we use it every year as the children insist on it! If I ever lost the script, either Evan or Emily could write it down word for word. It has become a treasured tradition.
    Blessings to you and your family this CHRISTmas. love, Robin

  3. Hi Noel! I just called Desiring God to inquire about an advent calendar for a friend and she told me they hadn’t sold them for 7 YEARS!!! I didn’t know you hand made them! Wow!! It is so much a part of our celebration that I don’t think my kids would consider it Christmas without it. My daughter (oldest) is now 10 and we’ve used it since she was 2. My other kids don’t know of Christmas without it. We’ve always loved it but now I really see it as a treasure!! Thank you for the time you put into it! Our family has been extremely blessed for years!!

  4. Noel,
    Are you still selling the dishcloths? My wife and I would love to come get some for a gift.

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