Saturday, October 12th, 2013

We have no more children who are children

As of yesterday, our last child who was a child crossed the line into official adulthood. I love you, my beautiful daughter.

talitha 2 months


























talitha 5 months


Talitha 2 years

















Talitha 4 years






















talitha in hammock chair













whole family














j-n-trp portrait























jp, np, talitha - 2009


talitha bday



















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3 Responses to “We have no more children who are children”

  1. Jacqui McCalister

    Happy Birthday lovely girl! So bittersweet to have children grow up.

  2. Happy Birthday, Talitha Piper!!!

  3. Hermosa Talitha!
    Dios te guarde y continúe bendiciéndote :)
    Un gran abrazo desde Perú!

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