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T4A: Saturday tweets « Noel Piper

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

T4A: Saturday tweets


When Everything Sad Comes Untrue — Scotty Smith

“And oh, God will dry every tear, And everything sad will be made untrue.”(Lyrics:ow.ly/pwYYK) @StevenCurtis #T4ACon


Closing with “A Little More Time to Love” by @StevenCurtisow.ly/pwYQh #T4ACon

“One day “orphan” will be written out of our vocabulary!” – @ScottyWardSmith #T4AConRetweeted by NoelPiper and 4 others

“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes” by wiping away every cause for weeping. @ScottyWardSmith #T4ACon4 retweets

We’re not going back to Eden. Eden was just a foretaste of what’s to come. @ScottyWardSmith#T4ACon3 retweets

Mt 27:52. When Christ died, many tombs opened & saints rose. Sadness was beginning to come untrue. @ScottyWardSmith #T4ACon

Rev 21:5. God says, I am making all things new. Not I will, but I AM. @ScottyWardSmith #T4ACon1 retweets

“God’s Story”commissioned by @ScottyWardSmith from @davidarmsartist for Christ Community Church. #T4AConow.ly/pwXEP1 retweets

Everything sad comes untrue in the new earth, when God dwells with men, & he wipes every tear from their eyes. @ScottyWardSmith#T4ACon1 retweets

@ScottyWardSmith, fan of classic rock and R&B, says best R & B Christmas album is by Michael McDonald. #T4ACon

“When Everything Sad Comes Untrue”: @ScottyWardSmith, who blogs daily atow.ly/pwWM9 . #T4ACon1 retweets

Shades of my old mid-GA country church: I’ll Fly Away, led by @kalebmusic, with @johnwcarrlending his former gospel quartet voice.#T4ACon
Breakout: Made in Whose Image? Is your family ruling out special needs adoption for the right reasons? — Salem Richards

Considering adopting a child with special needs? Get disability experience by volunteering with @JoniandFriends#t4ACon4 retweets

“Institutional autism”– not from birth, but develops because of the limitations of an orphanage settings.@SalemRichards #T4ACon

I thought of all she wouldn’t ever be able to do, what she can do outweighs what she can’t. @SalemRichards #T4ACon ow.ly/pwRLq1 retweets

If you want to adopt a child who desperately needs it, it will probably a child with special needs. @SalemRichards #T4ACon

@SalemRichards blogs as SisterHaiti/UgandaMama. #T4ACon ow.ly/pwRof

Breakout: Made in Whose Image? Is your family ruling out special needs adoption for the right reasons? @SalemRichards #T4ACon
Stories of the Fatherless Re-Written– Vermon Pierre

It’s Jesus who insures that every gospel move in our broken world ultimately brings praise & glory to God.@PastorVP #T4ACon1 retweets

The God of the Bible–Sea-splitting, sun-stopping, dead-raising can transform the hardest ones we minister to.@PastorVP #T4ACon2 retweets

Many fatherless wear labels of real scars,hurts–part of their story but not a trap, through God’s transforming power.@PastorVP #T4ACon1 retweets

When we see the brokenness of the fatherless, we realize we were as much in need of transformation as they are.@PastorVP #T4ACon4 retweets

Gospel move 4: Transformation. From children of wrath to sons of God. @PastorVP #T4ACon1 retweets

In adoption, the family needs the child as much as the child needs the family. @PastorVP#T4ACon6 retweets

In adoption, it’s not just the child’s story that’s rewritten. The family’s story is rewritten too.@PastorVP #T4ACon17 retweets

Gospel move 3: Unity. After reconciliation the new state is unity. God makes us one new people, one family.@PastorVP #T4ACon
Adoption is the bridge of reconciliation between someone who wasn’t part of the family, but becomes a family member. @PastorVP #T4ACon3 retweets

Reconciliation with the fatherless might be Safe Families aiding reconciliation between child & natural family. @CASFFC @PastorVP #T4ACon1 retweets

Gospel move 2: We rejected God in Eden. At the cross Jesus bridges conflict & separation with reconciliation. @PastorVP #T4ACon

Because of Jesus’ sacrifice of his life for us, we can sacrifice for the fatherless. @PastorVP#T4ACon

The cost and sacrifice in our gospel move toward the fatherless is nothing compared to Gods gospel move toward us. @PastorVP #T4ACon2 retweets

Gospel move 1. Sacrifice. It takes the shedding of blood to bring us into the family of God. @PastorVP #T4ACon1 retweets

Stories of the Fatherless Re-Written: Vermon Pierre, Lead Pastor, Roosevelt Community Church. @PastorVP #T4ACon ow.ly/pwNzD

Yay for Chik-Fil-A at T4A! #T4ACon ow.ly/i/3lccE

Update: I added the Audio Link of my last year talk, Had I But Known: ow.ly/pwFcp #T4ACon

Safe Families give hope to families in crisis, helping avert the need for long-term foster care. @CASFFC #T4ACon ow.ly/pwCRz
Our Lives Rewritten–Mike Reeves3 retweets

As surely as we know the Son, we are God’s unrejectable children. @mike_reeves #T4ACon1 retweets

Sons long to share the Father’s compassion, so pure religion before the Father is visiting orphans in their affliction. @mike_reeves #T4ACon4 retweets

When we’re with the most godly person we know, it’s hard to speak ill of others. In Jesus’ presence, we are changed. @mike_reeves #T4ACon3 retweets

Caleb who wholly followed God was a Gentile adopted into Royal tribe of Judah (his father a Kenizzite-Num 32:12). @mike_reeves #T4ACon1 retweets

Rom 8:15. The Son shares with us adopted children of God even his most intimate relationship: Abba! @mike_reeves #T4ACon4 retweets

Rom. 8:14. All who are led by the Spirit are sons. Sexist? No. The Son shares his own sonship with us adopted ones. @mike_reeves #T4ACon1 retweets

In gospel without adoption, Jesus is my get-out-of-hell card. Then I don’t need him any more. It’s all about me. @mike_reeves #T4ACon6 retweets

Adoption in Christ is the very top, the acme, the quintessence of the Christian faith. M-LJones @mike_reeves #T4ACon5 retweets

Luther realized that if God saves by his kindness, he must be a fatherly good–with all best connotations of father. @mike_reeves #T4ACon

“Our Lives Re-Written”- @mike_reeves speaking. He oversees Theology Network–a theological resources network. #T4ACon ow.ly/pwwXt

Our Lives Rewritten

– mother and son, Susan and Alex Hillis

I was a broken child. I want to be a father figure to others through teaching PE, coaching, & maybe being a missionary. Alex Hillis #T4ACon2 retweets

You see your 3-year-old, but God sees the big picture. Treat him like the way you pray for him to become. Alex Hillis #T4ACon10 retweets

Treat your kids the way you want them to become. Alex Hillis #T4ACon7 retweets

I wanted to be like my father. He couldn’t speak Russian, so I didn’t. He was a Christian, so I wanted to be. Alex Hillis #T4ACon

Alex Hillis speaking: Susan Hillis’s son, student at Kennesaw State in Ga, adopted from Russia.# T4ACon

We are fed to feed, raised to raise, loved to love. Hillis #T4ACon4 retweets

We cannot love from an empty cistern. But God’s fountain keeps filling us. Hillis #T4ACon2 retweets

The church and you need your adopted children more than the children need you. Hillis #T4ACon4 retweets

Marriage problems afflict many of the righteous. We don’t talk about that, but we need to. God delivers from affliction. Hillis #T4ACon3 retweets

Gray & silver. Gray’s base is black. Silver’s base is light. God turns our gray to silver. Hillis#T4ACon1 retweets

Susan Hillis, Senior Scientist, US CDC, blog post for USAID about her family. ow.ly/pww13#T4ACon1 retweets

Which of us was transformed by our own power from orphan to child of God? Neither can our children transform themselves. Hillis #T4ACon7 retweets

Psa 34:19–”Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.” My testimony! Hillis #T4ACon1 retweets

“Our LIves Rewritten”–Susan Hillis speaking, mother of 11, energy of a bumble bee. And her son, Alex, college student. #T4ACon
Louisville! @OCAkids equips Christians & connects them with opportunities to care for the fatherless. #T4ACon ow.ly/pwveh
Check out these videos from New Horizons for Children, Inc.–an international hosting program for orphaned children. #T4ACon


A couple years ago, I told our own adoption story. It begins here

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