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T4A: Saturday tweets


When Everything Sad Comes Untrue — Scotty Smith

“And oh, God will dry every tear, And everything sad will be made untrue.”( @StevenCurtis #T4ACon


Closing with “A Little More Time to Love” by #T4ACon

“One day “orphan” will be written out of our vocabulary!” – @ScottyWardSmith #T4AConRetweeted by NoelPiper and 4 others

“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes” by wiping away every cause for weeping. @ScottyWardSmith #T4ACon4 retweets

We’re not going back to Eden. Eden was just a foretaste of what’s to come. @ScottyWardSmith#T4ACon3 retweets

Mt 27:52. When Christ died, many tombs opened & saints rose. Sadness was beginning to come untrue. @ScottyWardSmith #T4ACon

Rev 21:5. God says, I am making all things new. Not I will, but I AM. @ScottyWardSmith #T4ACon1 retweets

“God’s Story”commissioned by @ScottyWardSmith from @davidarmsartist for Christ Community Church. retweets

Everything sad comes untrue in the new earth, when God dwells with men, & he wipes every tear from their eyes. @ScottyWardSmith#T4ACon1 retweets

@ScottyWardSmith, fan of classic rock and R&B, says best R & B Christmas album is by Michael McDonald. #T4ACon

“When Everything Sad Comes Untrue”: @ScottyWardSmith, who blogs daily . #T4ACon1 retweets

Shades of my old mid-GA country church: I’ll Fly Away, led by @kalebmusic, with @johnwcarrlending his former gospel quartet voice.#T4ACon
Breakout: Made in Whose Image? Is your family ruling out special needs adoption for the right reasons? — Salem Richards

Considering adopting a child with special needs? Get disability experience by volunteering with @JoniandFriends#t4ACon4 retweets

“Institutional autism”– not from birth, but develops because of the limitations of an orphanage settings.@SalemRichards #T4ACon

I thought of all she wouldn’t ever be able to do, what she can do outweighs what she can’t. @SalemRichards #T4ACon retweets

If you want to adopt a child who desperately needs it, it will probably a child with special needs. @SalemRichards #T4ACon

@SalemRichards blogs as SisterHaiti/UgandaMama. #T4ACon

Breakout: Made in Whose Image? Is your family ruling out special needs adoption for the right reasons? @SalemRichards #T4ACon
Stories of the Fatherless Re-Written– Vermon Pierre

It’s Jesus who insures that every gospel move in our broken world ultimately brings praise & glory to God.@PastorVP #T4ACon1 retweets

The God of the Bible–Sea-splitting, sun-stopping, dead-raising can transform the hardest ones we minister to.@PastorVP #T4ACon2 retweets

Many fatherless wear labels of real scars,hurts–part of their story but not a trap, through God’s transforming power.@PastorVP #T4ACon1 retweets

When we see the brokenness of the fatherless, we realize we were as much in need of transformation as they are.@PastorVP #T4ACon4 retweets

Gospel move 4: Transformation. From children of wrath to sons of God. @PastorVP #T4ACon1 retweets

In adoption, the family needs the child as much as the child needs the family. @PastorVP#T4ACon6 retweets

In adoption, it’s not just the child’s story that’s rewritten. The family’s story is rewritten too.@PastorVP #T4ACon17 retweets

Gospel move 3: Unity. After reconciliation the new state is unity. God makes us one new people, one family.@PastorVP #T4ACon
Adoption is the bridge of reconciliation between someone who wasn’t part of the family, but becomes a family member. @PastorVP #T4ACon3 retweets

Reconciliation with the fatherless might be Safe Families aiding reconciliation between child & natural family. @CASFFC @PastorVP #T4ACon1 retweets

Gospel move 2: We rejected God in Eden. At the cross Jesus bridges conflict & separation with reconciliation. @PastorVP #T4ACon

Because of Jesus’ sacrifice of his life for us, we can sacrifice for the fatherless. @PastorVP#T4ACon

The cost and sacrifice in our gospel move toward the fatherless is nothing compared to Gods gospel move toward us. @PastorVP #T4ACon2 retweets

Gospel move 1. Sacrifice. It takes the shedding of blood to bring us into the family of God. @PastorVP #T4ACon1 retweets

Stories of the Fatherless Re-Written: Vermon Pierre, Lead Pastor, Roosevelt Community Church. @PastorVP #T4ACon

Yay for Chik-Fil-A at T4A! #T4ACon

Update: I added the Audio Link of my last year talk, Had I But Known: #T4ACon

Safe Families give hope to families in crisis, helping avert the need for long-term foster care. @CASFFC #T4ACon
Our Lives Rewritten–Mike Reeves3 retweets

As surely as we know the Son, we are God’s unrejectable children. @mike_reeves #T4ACon1 retweets

Sons long to share the Father’s compassion, so pure religion before the Father is visiting orphans in their affliction. @mike_reeves #T4ACon4 retweets

When we’re with the most godly person we know, it’s hard to speak ill of others. In Jesus’ presence, we are changed. @mike_reeves #T4ACon3 retweets

Caleb who wholly followed God was a Gentile adopted into Royal tribe of Judah (his father a Kenizzite-Num 32:12). @mike_reeves #T4ACon1 retweets

Rom 8:15. The Son shares with us adopted children of God even his most intimate relationship: Abba! @mike_reeves #T4ACon4 retweets

Rom. 8:14. All who are led by the Spirit are sons. Sexist? No. The Son shares his own sonship with us adopted ones. @mike_reeves #T4ACon1 retweets

In gospel without adoption, Jesus is my get-out-of-hell card. Then I don’t need him any more. It’s all about me. @mike_reeves #T4ACon6 retweets

Adoption in Christ is the very top, the acme, the quintessence of the Christian faith. M-LJones @mike_reeves #T4ACon5 retweets

Luther realized that if God saves by his kindness, he must be a fatherly good–with all best connotations of father. @mike_reeves #T4ACon

“Our Lives Re-Written”- @mike_reeves speaking. He oversees Theology Network–a theological resources network. #T4ACon

Our Lives Rewritten

— mother and son, Susan and Alex Hillis

I was a broken child. I want to be a father figure to others through teaching PE, coaching, & maybe being a missionary. Alex Hillis #T4ACon2 retweets

You see your 3-year-old, but God sees the big picture. Treat him like the way you pray for him to become. Alex Hillis #T4ACon10 retweets

Treat your kids the way you want them to become. Alex Hillis #T4ACon7 retweets

I wanted to be like my father. He couldn’t speak Russian, so I didn’t. He was a Christian, so I wanted to be. Alex Hillis #T4ACon

Alex Hillis speaking: Susan Hillis’s son, student at Kennesaw State in Ga, adopted from Russia.# T4ACon

We are fed to feed, raised to raise, loved to love. Hillis #T4ACon4 retweets

We cannot love from an empty cistern. But God’s fountain keeps filling us. Hillis #T4ACon2 retweets

The church and you need your adopted children more than the children need you. Hillis #T4ACon4 retweets

Marriage problems afflict many of the righteous. We don’t talk about that, but we need to. God delivers from affliction. Hillis #T4ACon3 retweets

Gray & silver. Gray’s base is black. Silver’s base is light. God turns our gray to silver. Hillis#T4ACon1 retweets

Susan Hillis, Senior Scientist, US CDC, blog post for USAID about her family. retweets

Which of us was transformed by our own power from orphan to child of God? Neither can our children transform themselves. Hillis #T4ACon7 retweets

Psa 34:19–“Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.” My testimony! Hillis #T4ACon1 retweets

“Our LIves Rewritten”–Susan Hillis speaking, mother of 11, energy of a bumble bee. And her son, Alex, college student. #T4ACon
Louisville! @OCAkids equips Christians & connects them with opportunities to care for the fatherless. #T4ACon
Check out these videos from New Horizons for Children, Inc.–an international hosting program for orphaned children. #T4ACon


A couple years ago, I told our own adoption story. It begins here

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