Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

T4A: Thursday Tweets


I’ve heard sometimes from my FB followers that the number of posts from a conference can be overwhelming–and let’s face it, annoying when they keep dinging in every time you turn around. So here are today’s all together at one time.
NoelPiper4:44pm via HootSuite

My mind went to Russian orphanages today. Not many happy endings for the little ones abandoned to the state.

NoelPiper11:18am via HootSuiteShort-term missions: watch, learn, don’t try to fix everything. @DianeLynnElliot #T4GCon


NoelPiper11:07am via HootSuiteEarthquake damage is still very visible in Port au Prince. There are so, so many orphans in Haiti.#T4ACon


NoelPiper9:59am via HootSuiteEst. 153 mil orphans doesn’t account for 100 mil street kids,1-2 mil trafficked kids, & nations’ underreporting, @DianeLynnElliot#T4ACon


NoelPiper9:51am via HootSuite6000 children are orphaned daily because of the AIDS crisis. @DianeLynnElliot #T4ACon


NoelPiper8:55am via HootSuiteIf we’re not specific about who God is, we may be inviting people to worship their own idea of god, not the true God. @mike_reeves#T4ACon


NoelPiper8:37am via HootSuite“Incomprehensible”: We can know God & understand him, but not comprehensively @mike_reeves #T4ACon


NoelPiper8:27am via HootSuiteOur culture’s problem with God has shifted from facts like Does God Exist? to personality: How can God be like that? @mike_reeves#T4ACon


NoelPiper8:18am via HootSuite@mike_reeves is the author of Delighting in the Trinity: An Introduction to the Christian Faith.

NoelPiper8:10am via HootSuite@DianeLynnElliot, speaker at #T4ACon, is author of The Global Orphan Crisis: Be the Solution–Change Your World.

NoelPiper8:04am via HootSuiteToday #T4ACon: Enjoying the God Who is Love, @mike_reeves, & The Global Orphan Crisis: What it is & what to do about it, @DianeLynnElliot.


There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?


A couple years ago, I told our own adoption story. It begins here

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