Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

The story that changes everything: C.S. Lewis & adoption

T4A 2013

On this Wednesday, the middle day of the week, I’m in the middle, between two conferences.

Last weekend I was in Minneapolis for the Desiring God National Conference 2013, focusing on C. S. Lewis. This weekend I’ll be in Louisville, Kentucky, blogging at the Together for Adoption National Conference 2013 : The Story that Changes Everything for Us and the Fatherless.

Standing here between 2 excellent gatherings, I don’t feel as if it’s a great shift of mind from one to the other. There are connections between my attraction to C. S. Lewis and the focus of Together for Adoption.

The Story that Changes Everything for Us and the Fatherless: As I said when I had my 10 minutes at the DG conference, “Latecomer to Narnia”, stories speak to me. Lewis was an author of stories, reflecting his creator, about whom the Psalmist wrote: “in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them” (Psalm 139:16).

The Story that Changes Everything for Us and the FatherlessThink of so many of the children in Lewis’s stories, left parentless by circumstances. Peter, Susan, Edmund, & Lucy for their own safety sent from their parents because of the London Blitz. Eustace, whose parents had their own lives to live. Digory, whose mother lay dying.

The Story that Changes Everything for us and the Fatherless: All of Lewis’s writing, fiction and nonfiction, sprang from the desire of his heart: “The salvation of a single soul is more important than the production or preservation of all the epics and tragedies in the world.” That is at the heart of T4A also: “’Adoption’ in our name does not refer to adopting children, but to the theological reality of our adoption in Christ.”

Adoption: Finally, Lewis was an adoptive parent. At age 57, Lewis married Joy Davidman Gresham, who had 2 sons. They became sons to Lewis.

And so, it is an easy transition from one conference to the other–more of a continuation with a closer focus.

There’s still time to join me in Louisville

Together for Adoption

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  2. Hi Noel! Will your little talk be online as well? Or if not, do you have the transcript? Blessings from west China!

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