Sunday, July 28th, 2013

Registration giveaway: Together for Adoption

T4A 2013

The Story that Changes Everything for Us and the Fatherless

Together for Adoption

National Conference 2013

Louisville, Kentucky

Friday-Saturday, October 4-5

(Pre-Conference events, Thursday, October 3)

Early-bird registration deadline: July 31 — $20 discount

I have been involved with several of the T4A National Conferences. Each time, from personal conversations or speakers I learn something about being a better parent in general, and about understanding and empathizing with my children (whether adopted or born to us). Each time there are ah-ha moments, realizing I’m not the only one experiencing this or that. Sometimes those ah-ha moments lead to tears that lead to my receiving wisdom and practical suggestions. Sometimes I’m the one who is blessed to be able to pass on something I’ve experienced for the blessing of another parent.

So, I look forward to this gathering every year. This year, I will be blogging from the conference.

Conference organizers are offering three of my readers free early bird registration to the 2013 T4A National Conference.

To be eligible:

  1. If you use FB or Twitter, post a link to the Together for Adoption conference page. If you’re planning to attend, include that info for your FB friends and fellow-Twits.
  2. If you’re not a FB or Twitter user, use whatever means of communication you choose–email, phone, etc.–to tell some others about the conference.
  3. Post below to tell me how you’ve spread the good word.

Deadline is 11:59 pm cdt, Tuesday, July 30. 

I’ll announce the winners Wednesday morning, July 31.


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24 Responses to “Registration giveaway: Together for Adoption”

  1. We would LOVE to come!!! I posted this on Facebook:

    Parenting, whether via adoption or bio, is a process of healing. Constant diligence. Remaining intentionally in touch with the true humility of our brokenness, so that we can accurately discern and speak into our child’s brokenness. Isn’t that the Gospel? These conferences are pure encouragement in the journey. After every adoption…, after every birth…, there is a family. The family that God is building. Anyone want to book a Southwest Airlines group rate with me, for this conference?! — with Debi Rice and 19 others.

    National Conference 2013
    *Read two brief articles on why this year’s conference is so very important: (1) “What Every Christian Ought to Know About Adoption” and (2) “How We Must Talk About Adoption” _______________ Six ri…

  2. So wonderful!!!! Changed my Facebook status. And spreading the word among friends! So excited!

  3. So wonderful!!!!! Changed my Facebook status and spreading the word among friends. So excited!

  4. Posted link to facebook and twitter.

  5. Shared on Twitter. This looks like a great conference.

  6. Posted the link on twitter!

  7. Caroline Fairchild

    I shared on my facebook and I really hope I can go!! :)

  8. Shared on Twitter! We’ve heard great things about this conference in the past and would love to attend this year!

  9. thanks for the opportunity
    posted on my blog at

    at home with 1 from Ethiopia
    2 from my belly
    and 2 more waiting for us in Bulgaria!

  10. Thank you so much for the info! Looking forward to this, also I posted to all my sites!

  11. Christina Baker

    Had the privilege of being in Atlanta last year and even got to be at a breakout session of yours!! It was a life changing weekend for me and The Lord used the weekend to confirm his call on our family to adopt!! We have three biological boys and are looking forward to adding a baby girl next year!! Posted the info for the conference on my Facebook page.

  12. Shared on fb and twitter. So great you are blogging from conference! We just adopted! Such a great picture of our adoption to Christ.

  13. Just posted this link to my twitter! I would love to attend this conference as my husband and I are praying through adoption right now!

  14. Posted on my twitter and my husbands facebook. Thanks! Hope to meet you there!

  15. Jennifer Palumbo

    Just posted to my facebook. We are in the process of adopting from China and would love to go to the conference.

  16. Just posted on Twitter (@alicia2joy). Having experienced multiracial adoption myself, I think this is something my mom and I would love to go to!

  17. I shared this on Fb.

  18. I posted the link to my FB wall.

  19. Kendal Barriere

    I shared the link on my facebook.

  20. I shared this on FB and twitter.

  21. Shared on Facebook!

  22. This is my first time hearing of this! I am so excited! We are adoptive parents AND foster parents….such an amazing gift! I will spread the word!!!

  23. We have a few more months in the adoption process with our little one. I was happy to post the info and link on my FB page. Thank you!

  24. My husband and I attended a T4A conference in Nashville a few years ago. Plan to attend in Louisville this year :) I shared both on FB and Twitter.

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