Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Dear birth mother on Mothers Day

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A few years ago, I wrote several posts about our adoption story. (They start here.) So you’ve heard from me, and I hope you’ve realized our gratitude to God for bringing Talitha to us and us to Talitha.

What you might not have heard yet is Talitha’s own heart.

This morning, she got tired of waiting for me to finish sleeping late and slipped onto the bed beside me with a kiss and a perfectly chosen card, and even better, her own thoughtful note written inside.

Later this afternoon, she sat on the living room floor leaning against the sofa where her daddy was sitting. She was intent on something she was writing on her computer.

Only later, when I opened my own computer, did I realize what she’d done. I went straight up to her room to hug her and thank her.

I suspect that some of you are birth mothers whose children are in another family now. This has been a hard day for you. I pray you might receive Talitha’s words of love and thanks as if they had been written directly to you.

Dear Birth Mother,
I have no idea what you are doing right now or even where you are. But know, you are on my heart, especially today. Today I celebrate not just one mother, but two. Two mothers who have been there for me in different ways. One has nurtured and taken care of me since I was 2 months and the other is you. . . .

(read the rest of Talitha’s post)

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5 Responses to “Dear birth mother on Mothers Day”

  1. Very sweet message to the birth mother, thanks for sharing it!

  2. Jeff Stebbins

    Thank you, Noël & Talitha! We are friends of Joann–were in China with her when we conceived our first daughter AND got hepatitis. The local authorities tried to force us to abort, because of the illness. Our very healthy 25 yr. old will soon marry. Our 2nd daughter was adopted in Vietnam. Her birth mother was a poor village prostitute who decided not to abort. She is now 16, and a bit disabled (likely prenatal malnutrition), but our joy. Two girls rescued from abortion. Thru them God has blessed and taught us so much! John 1:12-13! Meet you all when we get Home.

  3. That was such a beautiful post by your daughter. What a precious reminder of the gift birth mothers give to their children and the sacrifice they make. Equally touching that Talitha realizes that–such grace!

  4. Noel,
    Thanks for sharing your blog site with me! I worshipped the Father, “from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named,” when I read Talitha’s letter. Having adopted Brandon when he was five years old, I cannot imagine the great cost and ultimate sacrifice his mother made when she placed him in a Vietnamese orphanage to “give him a better life.” Talitha’s letter is a fitting tribute to all birth mothers who have given the gift of life to their biological children. The great reality is that they also gave the gift of “a better life” to us, the adoptive family, as well! I am eternally grateful!

  5. Kathleen McCready

    Noel, I posted on Talitha’s site…It’s been awhile, but I just thought I’d tell you our latest news…. Soon my youngest son will be married. My husbands daughter(who he gave up for adoption in his teens) will attend the wedding and meet her half sister, and brothers for the first time. She found us several years ago and we met, but our children we had together were not ready to meet her. Now they will. OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD !!! Prayers for a grand reunion soon!

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