Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Home Grown World Christians

I’ve been in Orlando for The Gospel Coalition 2013. I led a breakout session in the pre-conference, which had a missions focus.

My session was “My Missionary Call: Missed or Misunderstood?”

One of the resources I recommended is an article I wrote in 2002: Home Grown World Christians. Since then, our children have become adults, but the encouragements and ideas haven’t really aged.

I hope this will be helpful as you pray for and spend time with children you love, whether they are yours or part of your larger life circle.

What other suggestions would you add?


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3 Responses to “Home Grown World Christians”

  1. I truly loved that article that you referenced and imagine that your session at the conference was just as wonderful. Going to definitely print it out…have lots of grandchildren who will benefit from these ideas! (Including three-and three more on the way-international adopted grandchildren!)

    Thanks so much, Noel!

  2. Hillary Glauser-Patton

    Really enjoyed the article, Noel. Especially as a mama of (soon to total 4) internationally adopted kiddos and a “world Christian” myself. Is a recording of your breakout session from TGC available someplace?

    Blessings, Hillary

  3. Thank you! I was at your breakout session & was hoping you would post this.

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