Saturday, January 12th, 2013

65 is the new ___

Almost 2 weeks ago, my husband stepped out of the role of Pastor of Preaching and Vision, moving into several years, Lord willing, of different kinds of work and ministry.

Almost 3 weeks ago was my birthday. Which one? The Medicare one.

Tonight a group of 8 people stood in front of the congregation to receive prayer as we send them off on a short term mission to Senegal. That’s not unusual. But something was very unusual about this group. The average age among them was 65. And that’s with one young man of 21 wildly skewing the figures downward.

So Char, Brad, Keith and all, as we prayed that you be encouraged in your mission and ministry, you yourselves were ministering encouragement to me in our transition to a new chapter.



Along the Way: Travels through Africa from a Christian Perspective



Question for you:

What is something you dream of doing, no matter what your age will be before it can happen?






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9 Responses to “65 is the new ___”

  1. I would love to travel to Israel. I would also do a short-term mission assignment (since I’m too old to be appointed permanently) to an Asian country – or anywhere, really!

  2. Just thinking of you as I responded to your email as to what an inspiration you are for this very reason. Very timely blog post. I am 53 and have often wondered if my age is a hindrance. I say an absolute NO. I long to continue to trek the roads where the children are. The children are waiting…

  3. As an encouragement, our family lives and serves in Asia. We LOVE when a group of “wiser” believers comes over to volunteer. The culture here is so much more responsive to the older generation. They sit on the edge of their seats waiting to hear what they have to say. There is always so much fruit that blooms when an older team comes! So I say, “Come on!”

  4. Oh! This is what my husband and I needed this morning as we are still in the mission field of 4 kids at home…one day Lord willing! Haiti!

  5. Char is such an inspiration to me! And you are too, Noel! I feel blessed to know women like you!

  6. Thank you for this encouragement. I dream of going to the corners of the Earth with my husband to share the gospel, where ever the Lord would send us… I dream of us becoming like all that we might save some. Which is funny since I have such difficulty doing this even across town, thankful that His power is perfected in our weakness…and nothing is impossible with Him.

  7. Noel, Hope you had a great b-day! I would love to volunteer at a pregnancy crisis center or even start something like that on this side of the world. Also would love to volunteer in a Children’s Hospital and do whatever I could for their families!

    So thankful for you and Pastor John and a bit sad about you all moving on but excited for you both and the Meyer’s as they move more fully into this role.


  8. To be enabled to teach a Bible class of any size. I am 37.

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