Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Another Bible story audio

So sorry for my absent-mindedness. Here’s another Bible story audio that I fully intended to include in my original list. Thank you, Sarah, for the reminder.

The Big Picture Story Bible (Book with CD)

A few years ago, we gave The Big Picture Story Bible to all our sons’ families. I was wishing there was audio, and now there is.

The title is perfect. This is a Bible story book that focuses on the big picture, not just each individual story as a stand-alone. Trevin Wax says that if “you have long hoped for a book that teaches children the biblical story from Creation to New Creation – a book that anticipates Jesus in the Old Testament and makes his crucifixion and resurrection the proper climax of the New Testament – then this book is for you.” (Note: He links to the earlier edition that does not include CD).

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