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Help us: Bible story audio recommendations?

Update: Here’s a free audio of Hurlbut’s Story of the Bible. Thank you, Kim, for your message at my Facebook page. To get the download, page down slightly to choose the type of download you want.


“What do you think I am? A dog? Coming against me with sticks and stones! C’mere, kid! I’m gonna feed you to the birds!” Three-year-old Abraham, in terry cloth robe and dishtowel head covering, plastic sword in hand, growled Goliath’s Treasuring God in Our Traditionschallenge. 

Quickly he threw aside the sword and faced the other direction, becoming David, grasping his imaginary sling. “You come to me with a sword and a spear, but I come to you in the name of the LORD!”

This “reality” form of make-believe grew out of Abraham’s daily morning Bible time. He couldn’t read yet, so he listened to Bible stories on tape, filling his mind and imagination with the Lord who fights for his people. . . .
(From Treasuring God in Our Traditions)

Someone asks at my Facebook page: “Could you please give some Bible story audio recommendations for children?”

My children are old enough now that I’m rather unfamiliar with what’s good now. So I’m counting on some of you to give us your recommendations. In the meantime, here are a few suggestions.

Hurlbut's Story of the Bible, Original Edition (Yesterday's Classics)I have to start with Hurlbut’s Story of the Bible, the Bible story book I grew up with. It was a gift when I was born. I had no idea till just now that it’s available in audio (In the “formats” box, click the Audio Edition option).

Since the book is designed to lead the young reader to the Bible itself, and not away from it, the language of the Bible, or a language somewhat like that of the Bible, has been employed. The Bible stories are made plain with explanation of unfamiliar terms as they are introduced, but the stories themselves are not rewritten or changed. (Amazon description)

Mighty Acts of God: A Family Bible Story Book [Audio CD]Justin Taylor wrote:

If you’re looking for an illustrated family Bible story book, especially with elementary school children, I would warmly recommend The Mighty Acts of God. I’ve been using it with my kids and they really like it. . . . the best in terms of capturing the details of the individual stories and their God-centered point.

The Word and Song Bible: The Bible for Young Believers with Cassette(s)


I wish The Word & Song Bible were available new with CD instead of cassettes, but I mention it here so you can watch out for it used. I gave this to each of my sons’ families one Christmas a few years ago.




The Lion Children's Bible

Though I haven’t used The Lion Children’s Bible or its audio, I’ve liked all of the individual Bible stories published by Lion.

All the significant stories of the Old and New Testaments from Genesis to the book of Acts are retold in clear, simple language which children understand. The stories may be read on their own, yet they form a continuous narrative which closely follows the “one story” of God and His people contained in the whole Bible. (Amazon description)

The Action BibleAn earlier edition of The Action Bible was a favorite of one of our sons. It was falling apart by the time he “outgrew” it. We didn’t have an audio version back in those olden days, so I haven’t heard it, but the comic book art is just right for some kids at some ages and I imagine the audio can only add to the pleasure.



Here are some of the basics I’m looking for in audio for pre-readers.

  • A Bible story told without added details or characters;
  • Presentation of God as the central character;
  • Appropriate respect given to the Word of God;
  • and less important, but helpful for a younger child’s understanding is that stories be narrated rather than dramatized.

 What audio Bible stories would you recommend?


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9 Responses to “Help us: Bible story audio recommendations?”

  1. Oooh, The Jesus Storybook Bible is on audio!

  2. Yes! Our family adores the audio version of the Jesus Storybook Bible. It’s read in a conversational way by a man with a charming British accent. We love it!

    • Hi there, can you please tell me, does the audio CD come with the hard copy of the book or do you purchase both separate?
      It’s showing $27 for audio so I’m wonder if this includes the hard copy of the book also! Seems a bit pricey for just ten Cd no??

  3. the big picture story bible also comes with audio CD’s now! :)

    we also like the jesus storybook bible, which is for a slightly older age than the big picture bible.

  4. […] “audio”). That’s one that I definitely was going to include on the list in my last post, but my brain turned off too soon. The reader you mention with the “charming British […]

  5. We use the Big Picture Story Bible as well. I’m excited to check out some of these others.

  6. […] So sorry for my absent-mindedness. Here’s another Bible story audio that I fully intended to include in my original list. […]

  7. Thanks for all the great book and Bible recommendations. My boys are hooked on listening to the Action Bible on audio every morning. They follow along in the Bible as they listen and they are barely reading themselves. They’ve listened through the Action Bible about six times now and they still love it. It’s definitely a great Bible option for boys!

  8. We have been looking and looking for some engaging hardcopy and audio Bibles for our very young boys (3 and 1), so thank you for posting this! So far, we REALLY like the looks of the Big Picture Story Bible — and I love the illustrations. What a brilliant idea to depict God’s speaking creation into existence as word art! Ha! And that’s just “the beginning”. I think we will probably go with the Hurlburt’s audio as well. It really, clearly makes the stories understandable, but doesn’t add characters, conversations, and imaginary perspectives into the narrative. It would be easy to transition from this to a real Bible and not feel “misled” by fanciful artistic license that failed to do justice to the Biblical account. I know LOTS of high-profile Christian leaders have endorsed the Jesus Storybook Bible. But we got it and were very disappointed. The artwork is not high quality, but cutesy. And the stories, while I love how they each point to Jesus, take so much unnecessary artistic license to make them “appealing”, as if the Word of God itself didn’t have enough poetic rendering to make it thrilling. We noticed this about the earliest OT stories, especially. I can see how it would have it’s use, but I’ve been SO astonished at how warmly it has been recommended by really sound, well-known evangelical figures. It’s a book of Bible stories, but it is not in the least bit “Bible”-like except in the ordering of the stories.

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