Monday, November 5th, 2012

One day, with one voice, for one purpose

Yesterday, people in churches in at least 24 countries of the world were praying for orphans and thinking about how to follow God’s example of caring for the fatherless.

I was amazed to discover just a couple of days ago how Orphan Sunday began. It’s truly a story of not despising the day of small beginnings.

This story touched me especially because it starts in Zambia. I’ve never been to Zambia, but once upon a time Kristin was a special friend to our daughter, and she was part of our prayer team, and occasionally she loved us with parcels of her yummy baked goods. Then she went to Zambia for a year and met Derek. Now they’re married and live in Lusaka, Zambia, working with Action International‘s Cross Project.  One aspect of Cross Project HIV/AIDS-related ministry is attention to orphans, which brings us back to the beginnings of Orphan Sunday.

I hope you can sit down with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and watch all 33 minutes. But if not, here’s a rough breakdown of the minutes:

2:30-8:30 — The first Orphan Sunday and its spread through Zambia

15:00-17:00 — Spread to America

17:00-23:30–Words from Gary Schneider, Steven Curtis Chapman, Jedd Medefind, Francis Chan, and Orphan Sunday coordinators of Ukraine, Philippines, Kenya, and U.K.

During the rest of the minutes are two young people telling their touching personal stories of being lifted by God’s local people from the loneliness and despair of orphanhood.

Zambia’s Gift to the World:

Zambia’s Gift to the World from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.

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  1. As I am reading your past blog posts I came across this wonderful blog about Orphan Sunday and Zambia. I am a bit partial as I was part of the team who was there with the film crew who made this video along with CAFO. It was an inspiring time and your blog brought back reflections of OS in Zambia. It was amazing to hear the stories first hand from many of the children and to experience the love and joy of the Zambian people. Thank you for taking me back to the moment God broke my heart and renewed my spirit and passion for the fatherless. Our organization A Child’s Hope International has recently released a book “Journey to the Fatherless” I would love for you to review and give your thoughts on it. Again, thank you for ALL of your inspiring blog posts! I’ll keep reading.

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