Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Free book: What I need more than my next breath

A few years ago, I told you about meeting Harry Kraus, author and missionary doctor in East Africa. I’ve enjoyed all his books and the two favorites I named then are still my favorites now.

Breathing Grace (Includes Study Questions): What You Need More than Your Next BreathSo I wanted be sure you know that you can get one of those favorites — Breathing Grace free for Kindle. (Also good on the free Kindle app for smartphone or computer.) I believe this offer is valid only the next couple of days, so don’t let it pass you by.

Each chapter begins with a medical emergency caused by a patient who isn’t getting enough oxygen. That deficiency becomes a parallel or parable of lack of grace–grace, which we need more than we need than our next breath. Dr. Kraus is kind enough not to leave us hanging. At chapter’s end, he lets us know how that chapter’s patient fares.

I think of Breathing Grace as sort of a story collection emphasizing the point of Future Grace. And we all know how good Future Grace is . . . don’t we?

Of course, Breathing Grace is also available as book-on-paper.

Let me know what you think.



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One Response to “Free book: What I need more than my next breath”

  1. Hi Noel,
    What a great … I have a receipt next to me and I am jotting notes from my kindle onto the receipt. Here are a few of the comments in the book that bring me joy and peace:

    “if you want to have the energy to run a spiritual race, you need to say saturated with grace.”

    A= acknowledge our need
    B= believing the gospel
    C= communication with God

    “The prescription should be written as follows: Use repentance as a constant infusion as needed for treatment of grace debt.”

    “Christ’s record, has become my record.”

    What blessings of grace flow from this book,

    Thank you for sharing.

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