Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Glad you asked that question #1





I really meant it when I asked you to ask questions about Compassion. So thanks to Vicki for breaking the ice:

The only question I have is what is the criteria (denominational, doctrinal, etc). Compassion uses for selecting which local churches they will work with?

That’s an important question, and it just so happens that my daughter-in-law Molly Piper answered a similar question a couple of years ago, so I’m going to take the easy route here and just copy and paste her good answer.

Laura asked:

I sponsor a child in Kenya and wonder about the theology that she’s taught. How does Compassion choose which local churches to work with? Are they mostly theologically uniform, or is there some diversity of belief about what might be called “non-essentials” among the projects?


  • Compassion International sets up their child sponsorship “projects” through local churches. That’s the only way they do it in every country they work in.
  • In the early days, Compassion had to go looking for church partners. Now, most of the time, churches come find them, because their reputation is so upstanding and the local congregations see the benefits of hosting a Compassion project and want that for the children in their neighborhoods!
  • All churches must subscribe to the statement of faith of the National Association of Evangelicals. No exceptions.

So if this was the burning question you had that’s keeping you from sponsoring, and you feel satisfied with this answer, go ahead and sponsor.

Or if you’ve just been undecided or forgetful or apathetic or confused (really, you can just insert any of those adjectives here & you would’ve been describing me a few months ago)… go ahead and sponsor.

Thanks, Vicki, for asking. And thanks, Molly for the answer.


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  2. It is good that the churches involved will sign a Declaration of Faith, the only problem is that it preaches a gospel Compassion easy … taught children to “repeat a simple prayer” and salvation is assured without further or explain the need for repentance and faith in Christ.
    This is not something I’ve heard, I’ve seen in the churches working with Compassion and Compassion in the material are given to those churches.
    It would be wonderful teachers and guardians of Compassion in the world and especially in Latin America have access to material Deriring Children God:

    Moreover, Compassion makes a beautiful work of material assistance to the children!


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