Monday, April 16th, 2012

Have a heart!







It turns out that Talitha won’t be able to have a Compassion table at church this Sunday after all.

A lot of you aren’t nearby, so you couldn’t have stopped by anyway to check out Compassion International‘s ministry and to encourage Talitha. So here’s something even better because it’s accessible.

Talitha has created a page at the Compassion website. Please visit to get a taste of her enthusiasm for Compassion and her compassion for Juan. There’s also a short video with one Compassion story and the difference it’s made in 2 families.

Talitha and I are looking forward to July when we plan to visit Juan in Guatemala. We expect to let you know more about that as we go.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll link through from Talitha’s page to information about children who are awaiting and do please pray about becoming a sponsor.

I have a big favor to ask of you. Even if you don’t usually comment on blogs–and for sure, if you do–please post here at least a simple “I visited Compassion” after you’ve been to their website. This will be a tremendous encouragement to Talitha.

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  1. I visited Talitha’s page… reminded me to write our sponsored boy in Kenya… thank you, Talitha, for your love and compassion for children all across the globe. You are setting a wonderful example for all of us. Praise be to God!

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  3. Just visited the Compassion page! Thanks for being inspirational, Talitha, and for doing what you feel called by our amazing God to do! Blessings from Louisville, Kentucky.

  4. I visited Compassion through Talitha’s page. What a great opportunity.

  5. I loved your page, Talitha. We have sponsored a girl in India for about 6 years now. Thank you for making known the wonderful work of Compassion!

  6. Thanks for drawing our attention to this Talitha. I love the work Compassion is doing to care for children around the globe. FYI: Wes Stafford the President of Compassion Int’l will be in town next week. It may be encouraging to hear him tell his story. Here’s more details…

  7. I visited the Compassion page. God is doing a great work through you, Talitha!

  8. Talitha, what a wonderful way to share your heart! Compassion International has long been one of my favorite ministries to support, and it does my heart good to know that a young woman like you is so passionate to serve “the least of these” and encourage others to do so. May the Lord multiply your “tribe” (ha!) and use your compassion to accomplish great things on the behalf of Compassion children and other “invisible” people around the world — for your Joy and His great Glory! Peace to you, Chandra

  9. I visited the Talitha’s Compassion Intl page. What a wonderful window to the need and ways to meet the need. Thank you!

  10. I visited! You have a beautiful heart Talitha!

  11. I visited Talitha’s Compassion International page! Talitha — it’s wonderful to know that your heart is passionate for the ministry of Compassion International. I’ve been praying and asking God to open doors into the world of Compassion-like ministries for employment. I’m also praying about supporting a child through Compassion, and your page serves as a great source of encouragement. Thank you for your heart of His compassion and love!

  12. I visited! I love Talitha’s enthusiasm. It’s contagious — I’m reminded to write to my Compassion kid!

  13. Just visited =)

  14. I visited Talitha’s page. This is a really neat way to highlight the ministry. I think it is great that you can see who Juan is too. That is so great that she will get the experience to meet the little boy she is sponsoring!

  15. Talitha,
    Your website will reach many more people than a table at one church ever could. I pray the Lord will use your enthusiasm and delight in giving and sharing Jesus with children in need to inspire others to join you.

  16. Hi Talitha, I was really encouraged with your website and with the love that God has given you for children in poverty. Not just poverty alone but of the depravity of not knowing our wonderful Savior intimately. I pray that God’s glory will be fully displayed through your ministry.

  17. I visited Talitha’s page. Thanks, Talitha!

  18. I visited the Compassion site, and watched the video. It provides a wonderful opportunity to make a differnce -a BIG difference – in a life of a child.

  19. I visited.

  20. I’m so encouraged that someone Talitha’s age would promote Compassion this way! Praise God!

    A friend of a friend (young woman) is working as a missionary inside a Compassion village. Her blog encouraged me so much about Compassion.

    Pray that Talitha would be blessed and encouraged that her work is not in vain. Hope you both have a wonderful and insightful trip this summer.

    I was sponsoring a Compassion child for over 10 years and he aged out. Maybe it’s time again!

    God bless!

    • Hi Vicki, Just curious . . . what does “aged out” mean? At what age does that happen? And do you still have contact with your former sponsored child – where he is, how he’s doing?
      I think that’s neat you are considering sponsoring another one. Go for it!
      Many blessings!

  21. I visited her page. Wow. Blessings, Talitha.

  22. I am so excited for Talitha that she gets to go and visit Juan! Im sure her support has so much more of an influence on Juan than any of will ever know! This really seems like an awesome ministry… Thank y’all for sharing this! :)

  23. I visited Compassion! I am encouraged to see a young woman whose mind is set on things of eternal value, who is not wasting her time or money on the frivolous gadgets & clothes & other trinkets the world has to offer. Thanks for your encouragement, Talitha! Praying for you and your family as you grow more & more in love with Christ.

  24. I visited Compassion! Sponsoring a child is very near and dear to my heart because my mother was sponsored as a child by a Christian couple (they even visited her in Taiwan)! Because she was sponsored, she received a primary school education and went on to receive scholarships to continue her education. She eventually became a nurse. When she married my father and came to the US, she didn’t speak a word of English. She took me and my twin sister to church because she knew she would be able to find good people there who would help her in a new foriegn land. Because she took us to church, we heard the gospel and eventually became believers as adults.

    The ripples of your love and support as a sponsor has depths beyond your comprehension. God is truly amazing.

  25. Wow, never heard of this before. I’ve just visited the page and it’s a WONDERFUL ministry. I’ll definitely look into this to get involved!

  26. Talitha,
    Compassion is an amazing organization. Children that we sponsored when our own children were young was a huge blessing to our family. Happy for your heart for children in this way.

  27. Thanks for sharing. I prayed for Juan this morning after I visited the site.

  28. Paul Hunnisett

    I visited.

  29. I visited Talitha site. I will be praying that your trip in July will be huge blessing to Talitha, you and Juan.

  30. Good morning Talitha,
    I am so excited for your involvement with Compassion International. What an amazing ministry. Rejoicing that the Lord placed you in little Juan’s life 2 years ago. Isn’t it a privilege to think that the Lord uses us as instruments in His hands. You are being used, Talitha, for kingdom purposes in the life of Juan. Wow!!!!!
    The haas family misses you!!!! Love the picture you used on the website:-)

    I am proud of you Talitha! May your day be blessed.

    Mrs. Haas for all

    PS Gwendolyn often pretends that she is a girl named Talitha. I will come into a room and say, “hi Gwendolyn.”. She’ll reply, “No, mommy, I’m Talitha.” It is so sweet and I love the impression you made on her while with us last summer.

  31. I visited your page, Talitha (:
    I love seeing what God is doing in and through you!

  32. visited and loved it! HOw blessed you are to get to go to visit Juan! praying~

  33. I visited, Talitha! Just started sponsoring a child this year. Hopefully we’ll add more in the years to come. LOVE your heart for compassion!

  34. Compassion is a fabulous ministry and I am so glad to see Talitha sharing the love of Jesus with others in this way!

  35. Oh Talitha, What a blessing and encouragement you are to Juan and to many others as you follow your compassionate heart to get involved in this little guys life. It will be interesting to see who gets changed by it more you or him! I did go to the Compassion website and loved their new video posted by Elizabeth sponsoring Elizabeth. It is an incredible ministry.
    Thanks to you and your family and church for taking up the cause of the orphan. God is pleased. To Him be the glory.
    We too work with orphans – just big ones who have graduated from the orphanage and figuring out how to do life. You can check out our website if you want to know how to pray for the orphans in Russia.
    Thanks again. Blessings! Ann

  36. P.S. Talitha. There is a big conference coming up this weekend in Moscow that we and many others will be attending – “Russia Without Orphans”. The church here is really trying to figure out how to deal with this huge problem in this country and encouraging and educating Christians to adopt and foster. Please pray!!!

  37. I visited Talitha’s Compassion page. What a wonderful opportunity you have this summer to visit Juan!

  38. May the Lord cause His name be glorified in Juan’s life and in so many other children without His hope. Thank you, Talitha for showing the love of Christ through your life!

  39. I visited Talitha’s Compassion Page. You are making a difference in Juan’s life, and I pray he discovers what has motivated you! God bless you as you share your heart for Jesus in so many ways. You are a beautiful young woman!

  40. Thank you Talitha for creating a Compassion website! The more that know about this Christ centered program, the more children that will be sponsored! Our family has sponsored children through compassion for nearly 20 years now. Some have moved out of the project area or completed their schooling. Currently we have Ever in Peru and Karl in the Philippines. Ever will be done with school soon. May God be glorified through Compassion International!

  41. Thankful for your heart for Jesus and for Juan.

  42. Thanks Talitha! I sponsor a Compassion child in Tanzania, but sometimes need reminding that my contact with her is so important to her encouragement! You’re such a light for Christ and I thank you.

  43. I visited…thanking God for Talitha Piper and praying for Compassion today.

  44. Thank you for sharing this important story. May God bless both you and Juan and may ur words inspire others to bless this ministry with support.

  45. I did visit the Compassion International website and Talitha’s page!
    I pray that our Great Shepherd would lead on as you write to (or visit) Juan!

    “The Lord is the strength of his people;
 He is the saving refuge of his anointed.
    Oh, save your people and bless your heritage!
  Be their shepherd and carry them forever.”
    PS 28:8,9

  46. I visited Compassion! Thank you Talitha for sharing this ministry. I had never heard of Compassion until today… family and I will definitely be getting involved. May God be glorified through Compassion!!! Love and prayers from Eastern Kentucky.

  47. Talitha, I visited your Compassion page…Bless you for being a blessing & inspiration! We serve a mighty God!

  48. Sarah from Canada

    Talitha, I just visited your Compassion page … we’ve sponsored our boy, James, from Rwanda for over 10 years now. It’s been exciting to see him learn to love Jesus! My sister and her husband were able to visit him last summer and bring gifts from us; I’m sure you will enjoy meeting Juan!

    What I love most about Compassion is their willingness to proclaim (loudly!) that Jesus is who makes all the difference. We can do everything possible physically to improve someone’s existence, but it is Jesus who really gives life.

    Blessings on you both as you go!

  49. i visited! thanks, Talitha ~ excited for the journey ahead of you!

  50. May God continue to bless you, Talitha! I visited your Compassion page. I also sponsor a child and help sponsor a couple of others.

  51. Georganne Thomas

    I visited the Compassion site. I have a gir in El Salvador that i have been sponsoring for several years. I commend you for your committment to Juan.

  52. I visited and loved it!

  53. Blessings!!!

  54. I visited! I’m going to talk to my fiancé about us sponsoring a child today. Thank you for sharing your passion…the Lord is using you!

  55. Elizabeth Rhodes

    I did visit Talitha’s page. I already sponsor 2 children, and this encourages me in not only my sponsorship, but my heart for the two young boys whom I sponsor. It’s not only about the money but the prayer and letters and encouraging them. Thank you, Talitha and Noel.

  56. God bless Thalita for that heart full of mercy!
    Compassion works here in Peru many of our children are blessed by this beautiful ministry, I have seen the joy of knowing they are loved by them to foreign Christians!
    Thalita Congratulations!
    PS: Dear Sister Noel I hope you can answer the mail I sent recently … I really want to know what you think about the issue that I mentioned. Thank you!

  57. Talitha, awesome amazing inspiring! I sent this over to Korea to my daughter soninlaw and grandson who are trying to do international adoption and no doubt will encourage them too!!! We thank God for you!! and HIS compassion demonstrated in your own, faith jaeger

  58. Ellie Lundquist

    Talitha, first let me say that I MISS YOU and I hope you are doing well! I love that you have such a big heart for children. Love you and hope to see you soon! Ellie

  59. Thank you for the link. Loved Talitha’s page….I’ve never been to Compassions’s website before. I’m thankful for the opportunupity to help the children of Haiti I saw on the site. Richest blessings!

  60. I’ve visited your Compassion page. Be encouraged, sister.

  61. I visited and am so encouraged by your heart for others…praying my own young daughters would have hearts like Jesus (and like yours :) )…

  62. Hi Talitha! Just checked out your page – enjoyed it! My husband started sponsoring a child through Compassion in college and so we have had a “distant son” since being married. We would love to visit him “some day.” Thanks for spreading the word about a great organization!! Blessings from Korea!

  63. I visited both the Compassion site and yours Talitha! You will be a tremendous blessing to this child and I’m sure many others. Have a great trip this summer.

  64. I visited Talitha’s page, and am so encouraged by her heart for children in need of sponsors. I’m looking forward to “meeting” Juan through your travels. Thanks for the reminder to write our sponsored friend, Bernard, from Ghana!

  65. Our church is looking into missions and this will be perfect. God’s plan is awesome! I would have never known about this if things hadn’t of worked out this way. I know there will be some children sponsored by ladies at our church!

  66. Talitha and Noel,
    I just visited the Compassion site. Thank you for reminding me about this wonderful organization and the many children who still need sponsoring. It’s terrific you get to go to Guatalmala this summer. I’ve always wanted to do this and I’ll bring it to my family’s attention again :)

  67. Talitha, thank you for walking out your love for Jesus by caring for others the way you are. I know you realize your parents are so proud of you, but how much more you honor your Father and are so very loved by Him! Keep shining Talitha!!

  68. I visited your page! What a blessing to see your heart responding to God’s call in your life. Your love is a sweet aroma to your Lord! We sponsor 4 young ladies in Nicaragua and 2 children in Honduras through Baptist Medical and Dental Missions International. We hope to go visit them in person one day also. Sweet blessings to you.

  69. I visited! I too will be praying Juan will know and love our Jesus:)

  70. I visited the Compassion site and thank you for letting me know about this organization. Be strong and bold in following your call and passion,Talitha.

  71. I visited Talitha’s page on Compassion. I have always been encouraged by how God is using them. Talitha – it’s an even greater encouragement that our God has given you such a tender heart and at such a young age. Stay strong and persevere in Him always! He’ll keep you strong till the end.

  72. Nice work, Talitha. It’s good to read of your compassion for children.
    Many blessings!

  73. Visited Talitha’s Compassion page!

  74. I visited Compassion! It encouraged me to write to the two little guys I sponsor in SE Asia.

  75. I love your passion, Talitha! Our family began sponsoring a child at Christmas as our “gift” to Jesus. We are excited to do a Compassion Sunday event at our church on April 29. Wonderful ministry – love your heart!

  76. I visited Compassion! I’ll be praying that your enthusiasm for Compassion will be blessed, Talitha!

  77. I visited the Compassion website. Juan is such a cute little guy! Our ‘child’ just graduated from the program, and we’re about to sign up for another child to sponsor. Thanks for your encouragement, Talita!

  78. i visited your page, Talitha. Thank you for your hard work and concern for children.

  79. Lottie B. Haswell

    Talitha I visited the page, read, and watched the video. You have a heart like JESUS, who said, “Let the children come to me and do not hinder them.” Have a blessed time in Guatamala. Henry and I spent 21 days there during his next to last year at Fuller. We fell in love with the people.

  80. I visited the Compassion site that Talitha created. A great opportunity to glorify and bear the image of God!

  81. I visited the Compassion site. I can only imagine the moment you get to meet Juan (and he gets to meet you)!! I know you are each a blessing to the other. What a wonderful way to show the love of Christ to the world!

  82. I visited the site – thanks for doing this!

  83. I visited too. I’m excited for you that you get to go visit Juan. I hope to someday visit our Teshome too. Thanks for getting the word out there, Talitha!

  84. Thank you ever so for you post. Cool.

  85. Charmaine Traffanstedt

    I visited her page.

  86. Thanks to Talitha for the encouragement to spread the Gospel around the world!

  87. Demelza McMahon

    Thanks for making a difference Talitha – My husband and I sponsor two Compassion children and it is a great blessing to us!! It is really encouraging to see others sharing their Compassion stories and hopefully increasing a truly wonderful ministry.

  88. thank you for being an encouragement to those young and old… (: blessings to your trip in July!!

  89. I visited Compassion to check out your page, Talitha. I hope you ladies have a fan-freaking-tastic trip in July! I think the hardest thing will be to not pack Juan in one of your suitcases and sneak him home with you.

  90. Hi Talitha! I have a BIG heart for Compassion too, and serve as the Compassion Sunday coordinator each spring at my church. We had 44 children sponsored both last year and 50 this year – Praise God! :) Your page is awesome! I’m so glad that you & your mom get to visit Juan this summer. I was hoping to visit my sponsored child, Gabrielly, two weeks from today, but I’m sad to say that the local coordinator will be away at a conference (which means that I’ll have to just drop off a gift for her at her center). I’m planning on taking some pictures at landmarks around town so at least she’ll know that I was in her hometown! :) Here’s my page:

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