Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

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There are many reasons I thank God for our Talitha. The one I’m thinking about right now is this: I love to watch her tender heart in action. I see that compassion especially when she’s reaching out to young children. Whether it’s nieces and nephews or strangers, none views her as a stranger for long.

Last year, we visited Redeemer Bible Church one vacation Sunday. They had visitors representing Compassion International. At the end of the service, Talitha made a beeline to Compassion’s table at the back of the sanctuary. By the time I made my way there, she was clasping to her heart a photo of Juan. “Please, please, please. May I sponsor this sweet little boy in Guatemala?”

Now she writes to Juan, and he writes to her. A few months ago, a translator sent Talitha this message on Juan’s behalf:

When he saw you [a photo], his face lit up in smiles and tears of happiness. He asked God to meet you one day in person, to be able to speak to you.

So you can imagine the “Please, please, please” that followed when Talitha found out there’s a Compassion Sponsor’s trip to Guatemala in July, when she will indeed get to meet Juan, Lord willing.

And she invited me to come too. A mother doesn’t take it lightly when her teenager wants to be with her. So both of us are preparing for Guatemala.

Talitha’s excitement about Compassion’s ministry doesn’t stop with sponsoring and traveling. On her own, she’s taken the initiative to set up and man a Compassion information table at Bethlehem Downtown campus on Compassion Sunday weekend–before and after the service Saturday evening, April 21, and the Sunday morning services April 22.

Please stop by to pick up information about Compassion International. If God is leading you to sponsor a child, you’ll find packets there to choose from, so you can sign up on the spot. It would be hard to measure what a blessing that would be to Talitha, to see you blessing a child who lives in a difficult situation.

Request to you:

1. If you already are sponsoring a child through Compassion, please comment here to let us know.

2. If you’re familiar with Compassion, and can help Talitha at the Compassion table Saturday evening or Sunday morning, April 21 and 22, she’d love to hear from you.


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  1. I also sponsor a 9 year old girl from Guatemala with Compassion. What a privilege to have a part in this program!

    I have enjoyed reading through your journey in China. I was a missionary in Hong Kong (back in the day) where I met my husband who swam out of China after the Cultural Revolution. We married in 1979 and have lived in Oregon since then. We have two biological and two adopted children (one from Hong Kong and one from China).

    I pray that the Lord will continue to enlarge Talitha’s heart with His compassion for others, especially the children who are so precious in His sight. Oregon is a bit far to help at the Compassion table, but I will be praying for her then.

  2. Love this! It brings tears to see how God is working in Talitha’s heart! And hope for my pre-teens, as I watch them grow.

    We have sponsored a Compassion child for maybe ten years now. They changed once — apparently they had to close down the place where our first boy was because of the leadership not following the guidelines. But now we have sponsored a girl in Uganda for several years. It’s amazing to watch her grow!

    We will pray for your trip to Guatemala… looking forward to following you along as you “pack” for this next trip!

  3. Hi,
    It’s great to hear about this, and see how the Lord is working in your hearts to care for “the least of these.”

    On an unrelated note: I was at Bethlehem in December with a gift for you and your family, which I sent through Pastor John (a card, CD and some Dutch cookies). I explained to Pastor John about warming the cookies over a cup of hot drink…I hope that worked out, and that y’all liked them.

    Blessings on you.

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