Monday, January 9th, 2012

Y’all come! Y’all come!

Y’all come!

That’s American Southern for Everybody’s welcome, and we want to see you!” I just got home from Georgia, the place where I learned my “heart” language all those years ago.

Now I’m turning my eyes and heart toward China, and I’m saying it twice because I’m inviting you twice. I hope I’ll see you two times this week.

Invitation 1: Tomorrow night

Bethlehem to China: A Journey

Presented by Noel Piper and Joann Pittman

Tuesday, January 10

7:00-9:00 pm

Bethlehem Baptist Church, Downtown Campus

Details and directions


Invitation 2: Thursday evening

My Literary Journey to being a Sinophile

Presented by Joann Pittman

Thursday, January 12

7:00 pm

Ramsey County Library Community Room, 2180 Hamline, Roseville, MN

Details and directions


Spread the word!

All y’all come and bring your family and friends. Joann and I are looking forward to seeing you.

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