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Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Desiring God Pastors Conference: Darrin Patrick

Darrin Patrick is pastor at The Journey, in St. Louis, and is author or contributor of several books.

Remember: Watch @desiringgod Pastors Conference in 4 languages —  #English #Spanish #Chinese &

If you want to take these in more or less in the order they were spoken, read from the bottom up.

NoelPiper12:55pmYou will grow by following Jesus, with others. @darrinpatrick #dgpascon2 retweets
NoelPiper12:55pm If you carry all the burdens by yourself, you’re burning out & disobedient. You are not the Savior. @darrinpatrick #dgpascon5 retweets
NoelPiper12:54pm No wonder some of you are so discouraged. You’re carrying all the loads by yourself. @darrinpatrick #dgpascon4 retweets
NoelPiper12:54pmBoth surgeons & butchers use knives. You need friends with surgical precision that cut to heal in your life. @darrinpatrick #dgpascon9 retweets
NoelPiper11:36am You need people around you who make you say, I want to pursue Christ like that. @darrinpatrick#dgpascon24 retweets
NoelPiper11:34am What is my flesh causing me to focus on rather than Christ. @darrinpatrick #dgpascon3 retweets
NoelPiper11:33am Your flesh is what makes your hobby the only thing that gives you real pleasure, & your ministry boring. @darrinpatrick #dgpascon4 retweets
NoelPiper11:15am From Tim Keller: We are only as mature as the weakest fruit on the list. @darrinpatrick #dgpascon7 retweets
NoelPiper11:07am The fruit (plural) of the Spirit is (singular). . . not individual pieces, but integrated produce of the Spirit. @darrinpatrick #dgpascon3 retweets
NoelPiper11:03am Don’t judge your maturity by your personality, comparing yourself with someone else’s personality. @darrinpatrick #dgpascon4 retweets
NoelPiper11:00amTo be Spirit-filled, to have the fruit of the Spirit, is to act like Jesus. @darrinpatrick #dgpascon3 retweets
NoelPiper10:59am Quoting @JohnPiper: When do I doubt God? [Not in tragedy, but] when I see the slowness of my sanctification. @darrinpatrick #dgpascon3 retweets
NoelPiper10:56am Most masculine thing in the Bible: the idea that God wants to produce something through us–fruit of the Spirit. @darrinpatrick #dgpascon3 retweets
NoelPiper10:55am Freedom is not a work of the flesh, but of the Spirit. @darrinpatrick #dgpascon4 retweets
NoelPiper10:52am A Christian doesn’t obey FOR our acceptance; we work FROM our acceptance by Christ. @darrinpatrick #dgpascon7 retweets
NoelPiper10:50am via HootFalse gospel, opposite of freedom: basing justification on sanctification, ignoring our acceptance by Christ. @darrinpatrick #dgpascon2 retweets
NoelPiper10:44am via HootSuiteScariest thing about being a leader? The reality that when you lead, people actually follow you, imitate you. @darrinpatrick #dgpascon4 retweets
NoelPiper10:42am via HootSuite@JohnPiper quotes from one of @darrinpatrick’s books as he introduces him. #dgpascon
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Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Desiring God Pastors Conference: Crawford Loritts

Crawford Loritts is the Senior Pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, Georgia. His talk this morning is especially related to his book Never Walk Away: Lessons on Integrity from a Father Who Lived It.

If you want to follow the comments in the order he made them, read from the bottom up.

And remember: Watch @desiringgodPastors Conference in 4 languages —  #English #Spanish #Chinese &


Work of the Holy Spirit: I have never had [in myself] everything I need to do what God’s calling me to do. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon

NoelPiper10:07am Work of the Spirit– 5. WALK: the Spirit gives us power to do boldly what we need to do. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper10:06am Work of the Spirit– 4. Live: He fills our lives by living in us, and we model that life before our children. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper10:06amWork of the Spirit–3. Fruit: We don’t produce fruits of the Spirit. They are supernatural work of the Spirit. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper10:04amWork of the Spirit– 2. Led: If you’re led by the Spirit, you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper10:01amWork of the Spirit — 1. Walk: Walk by the Spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper9:58am The Holy Spirit is not an influence. He’s a person who has regenerated, baptized, sealed us. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper9:57amHow easy it is to ignore the work & power of the Holy Spirit in transformation. @CrawfordLoritts#dgpascon
NoelPiper9:55amIn cemetery with my son: Remember, these people paid your “tuition,” as we are for the next generation. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper9:52amPop, as I’m walking out the door when a teenager: Do right. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper9:51amPop, after racist incident: That’s all right. We know who we are. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper9:50amPop: How people treat you should never define you. It’s not what people call you; it’s what you answer to. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper9:49amPop, about report card: How can somebody be so smart & so dumb at the same time? @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper9:48amRespect is the incubator for honor. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper9:45amPop’s 3 D’s with no negotiating: Dishonesty, Disobedience, Disrespect. @CrawfordLoritts#dgpascon
NoelPiper9:43amPop’s lessons in manhood– 4. Out of integrity comes your inheritance. @CrawfordLoritts#dgpascon
NoelPiper9:43am Pop’s lessons in manhood– 3. Out of discipline comes integrity. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper9:42amPop’s lessons in manhood– 2. Out of strength comes discipline. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper9:41amPop’s lessons in manhood– 1. Out of struggle comes strength. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper9:40amPop never sat down & had a talk with me about manhood. He just lived it. @CrawfordLoritts#dgpascon
NoelPiper9:39amA real man embraces obligation & responsibility–not curse words or burden, but his purpose in life. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper9:38amTeen thinks manhood=doing what I feel like. Father needs to pull himthrough to knowing right & wrong. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper9:36amA father teaches what to say “no” to, so a child knows what to say “yes” to.@CrawfordLoritts#dgpascon
NoelPiper9:35amA father teaches limits, the banks of the river that leads to the destination he wants his children to reach. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper9:33amBroad category of need,met primarily (but not only) by father: accountability, discipline, parameters, goals. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper9:29amBroad category of need, primarily (but not only) from mother: touch, affirmation, warmth. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper9:28amEvery 28 days a woman is reminded of who she is. A man knows he’s a man only when a key man tells him so. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper9:25amMy history not only intact Black family. I’m ticked when we set up a new kind of slavery to entitlement. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper9:24amI want to keep my eyes set on where I’m going: that city built by God. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper9:23amWe have lost a noble vision of eternity, of a city built not by hands, but by God.@CrawfordLoritts#dgpascon
NoelPiper9:18am @CrawfordLoritts‘ father: Karen didn’t ask to marry you. You asked to marry her, and you better take care of her. #dgpascon
NoelPiper9:16amMy father (slave grandson) wasn’t God. WAS a man of impeccable integrity. I’ve always wanted to be like him @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
NoelPiper9:10amBe careful of your ego. God spoke to Balaam’s ass. Make your own application. @CrawfordLoritts#dgpascon
NoelPiper9:05amMother washed my mouth with soap for saying “Shut up” to my sister. I’d learn respect if she had anything to do with it.@JohnPiper #dgpascon
NoelPiper9:03am@CrawfordLoritts is Senior Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church, Roswell, GA. #dgpascon
NoelPiper8:49amPhoto: Hundreds of pastors begin day together with prayer. #dgpascon
NoelPiper8:20am@CrawfordLoritts speaks at 8:30 session about lessons learned from his father. #dgpascon
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Monday, January 30th, 2012

Desiring God Pastors Conference: Doug Wilson

Here are my collection of tweets from the first session of the Desiring God Pastors Conference 2012 — God, Manhood, & Ministry: Building Men for the Body of Christ.

The speaker tonight was Doug Wilson, author and pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho.

The more-or-less chronological order begins at the bottom and moves toward the top.

Your grown kids & your little ones need you to revel in the cross. @JohnPiper#dgpascon
I don’t know of a whole, well-functioning family in the whole Bible. @JohnPiper#dgpascon

Those who seek forgiveness for being too austere are afraid the Father is not much like they thought he was.@douglaswils#dgpascon
God gave men authority as a blessing to their families, not primarily as a blessing to themselves. @douglaswils #dgpascon
A child wants “Me do it!” and also wants his father to overcome him with love. @douglaswils #dgpascon
In the Gospel, the fatherless no longer are. @douglaswils #dgpascon

Real grace to your children and real love to your children has a backbone. @douglaswils #dgpascon

Many parents are teaching fractions instead of godliness–“I mean it! 1. . . 2. . .2 1/2.. . . 2 3/4.” @douglaswils #dgpascon
If fathers are only soft and merciful they create a culture of entitlement and self-indulgence. @douglaswils #dgpascon
If fathers are only strict without mercy they crush the spirit or provoke rebellion. @douglaswils #dgpascon
By being a father, a man speaks constantly of God, whether true or false. @douglaswils #dgpc
“How can I be a father when I had no model?” Through Christ, God is your father. @douglaswils #dgpc
Men don’t carry loads because they have broad shoulders. They have broad shoulders so they can carry loads. @douglaswils #dgpc
Men are created and called to provide and protect. @douglaswils #dgpc
Jesus took the rap for what he didn’t do. That’s the masculine model. @douglaswils#dgpc
Jesus took the responsibility of bleeding for us. Therefore he is given all authority. @douglaswils #dgpc
Biblical authority knows how to bleed for others. @douglaswils #dgpc
Masculinity is the glad assumption of sacrificial responsibility. @douglaswils#dgpc
Fatherhood is essential in every family, perhaps especially where a father is absent. @douglaswils #dgpc
6. The Father expresses his love for his son at his baptism. @douglaswils #dgpc
5. The Father expressed his pleasure in his son at his baptism. @douglaswils #dgpc
4. When the Father spoke he identified with his son. @douglaswils #dgpc
3. The Father made his presence known by speaking. @douglaswils #dgpc
2. God made his presence known at his son’s baptism. @douglaswils #dgpc
1. God was present at his son’s baptism. @douglaswils #dgpc
Archetypical fatherhood seen in God’s response to his son’s baptism. @douglaswils #dgpc
Fatherhood in the home and pastoral care in the church are analogous. @douglaswils #dgpc
I’m so much a stranger and sojourner on earth I wonder why I don’t need a green card. @douglaswils #dgpc
NoelPiper6:11pm via HootSuiteDG Pastors Conference. Watch in English, Spanish, Russian, or
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Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

“I wasn’t born”

Life with Talitha — part 5

As long as I have a memory, I will know what date it was that Talitha learned what a birth mother is.

On a bitter, freezing January 22–in 2001–we stood with thousands of others outside the Minnesota Capitol, rallying for Life.

Talitha pointed to the line drawing on a poster raised high in the distance. “Look, there’s a picture of a baby being born–like baby Elizabeth!” I could see it was really a sketch of a partial birth abortion, but she didn’t need to know yet the horrors of that.

So I picked up the flow of her thought. “Yes, like your little friend. And like you.”

She quickly corrected me, “I wasn’t born. I was adopted.”

I had been thinking for a while it was time to expect questions from Talitha about her birth. Adoption was an everyday word and concept in our family, but we hadn’t yet talked about one very important person to whom we owe great gratitude.

Question or no, now was the time. And so on the stately steps of the capitol, I stooped to look into her eyes. “Talitha, first you were born and then you were adopted.” I explained that she had grown inside another woman–her birth mother–who could have chosen abortion, but instead protected her and gave birth to her.

Talitha carried home a “Choose Life” poster and put it in her bedroom window.

Today I thank God for the woman who gave birth to our beloved Talitha.


For many of us, being pro-life has changed our families through adoption. A couple of years ago I wrote a series of blog posts telling our adoption story. It begins here

A follow-up series, Life with Talitha, begins here.

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Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Mourning God knows who

Today I am thinking of only-God-knows-how-many people whose names only God knows. Maybe 52 million?

The oldest of our 5 children was born just 3 months before the US Supreme Court’s Roe versus Wade decision which was delivered on January 22, 1973. That means that those millions of babies — people — killed over the last 39 years are the peers of all my children. Only God knows which of them might potentially have been their playmates, classmates, work partners.

In a few minutes I’ll be gathering with other worshippers at Bethlehem’s south campus to hear my husband’s message to us on this heartbreaking anniversary.

I hope this day might be different than other Sundays for you. Perhaps you might:

  • be gathering with others to let your presence proclaim your honoring of the sanctity of human life (For Minnesotans, it’s 2 pm at the State Capitol).
  • take time to pray with compassion for mothers who are considering abortion right now and for God’s peace to to be understood and accepted in the hearts of men and women who have been responsible for an abortion.
  • remember that no sin is too great for God to forgive. Jesus paid for it already for you or anyone who turns to him with faith.
  • read the short booklet about abortion, free at the Desiring God website


May God bless this day to you for his sake among the babies–for the sake of the great name of the creator of all human beings.


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Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Why I want to know more

Skip on over to Tell Me When to Pack to see part 1 of the video of my presentation last week about my Esther Expedition to China, coming up in March.

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Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Happy birthday, dear Johnny

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Monday, January 9th, 2012

Y’all come! Y’all come!

Y’all come!

That’s American Southern for Everybody’s welcome, and we want to see you!” I just got home from Georgia, the place where I learned my “heart” language all those years ago.

Now I’m turning my eyes and heart toward China, and I’m saying it twice because I’m inviting you twice. I hope I’ll see you two times this week.

Invitation 1: Tomorrow night

Bethlehem to China: A Journey

Presented by Noel Piper and Joann Pittman

Tuesday, January 10

7:00-9:00 pm

Bethlehem Baptist Church, Downtown Campus

Details and directions


Invitation 2: Thursday evening

My Literary Journey to being a Sinophile

Presented by Joann Pittman

Thursday, January 12

7:00 pm

Ramsey County Library Community Room, 2180 Hamline, Roseville, MN

Details and directions


Spread the word!

All y’all come and bring your family and friends. Joann and I are looking forward to seeing you.

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Thursday, January 5th, 2012

You’re invited

(If you’re following Tell Me When to Pack, please forgive this duplication, but I want to make sure lots of friends get our invitation for Tuesday.)


It’s not that long ago when I was thinking, “Can I really spend a month in China? Is this a crazy idea?” Right at that time, no kidding, this was my fortune at Lee Ann Chin (don’t tell Joann, but that’s my family’s favorite “Chinese” place to eat).

I don’t want you to think that the paths of my life are guided by fortune cookies, but yes, my tickets now are booked.

Joann and I are thankful to all of you who are following with interest our Esther expedition. We’re getting together to talk about our trip and hope you can join us. We’ll have pictures and stories and maybe some goodies too.


Bethlehem to China: A Journey

Bethlehem Baptist Church

Downtown Campus, Room 114

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

7:00pm – 9:00pm

In the late 1920’s, a young woman departed Bethlehem for southwest China, where she worked as a nurse and teacher until 1951. Esther’s story rests in her letters, and it’s a story waiting to be discovered and told.

In March 2012, Noel Piper and Global Partner Joann Pittman will travel to China to trace the life and legacy of Esther. They’ll be seeking the land and people that captured Esther’s heart, traveling to the towns and villages where she served, hopefully even finding people who remember her.

You are invited to hear Noel and Joann talk about their upcoming “Esther Expedition” on Tuesday, January 10, at 7:00pm at the Downtown Campus.

RSVP isn’t required, but we’d love to know if you’re coming. You can do that by commenting here or by using the Contact link above–also if you have any questions.

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