Thursday, December 15th, 2011

What I forgot to say

ADD in action . . . When I listed some gift ideas for the ADDer you love, I forgot to list the 2 items that had been in my mind in the first place that prompted me to post the list. So here are 2 more gift ideas. Both of these have been a great help to me.

First Alert PIR725 Compact Fluorescent Bulb Compatible Motion Sensing SocketMotion-sensor light bulb base. After one more less-than-happy conversation about lights left burning in the basement laundry room–OK! About me leaving the lights burning–a thought struck me. Lots of people have motion sensor lights outside their houses. Might there be such a thing for inside?

Yes, there is. The base screws into the place where you have been screwing in your bulb, and then you screw the bulb into the base. In other words, there’s no electrical installation required. And yes, that has eliminated one thing to be unhappy about. That alone makes it worth the price, and I suppose the savings in electricity will balance it out eventually. (Note that only some available bases work with fluorescent “bulbs,” which of course are another electricity saver.)

Chums Rolled Leather Eyewear RetainerEyeglasses “tether.” For some reason, I can’t just put on my glasses and keep them on. For years, when I take them off, I close them and often hang them by one arm in the neck of my shirt, where they usually were safe. But then, there are the times when I leaned over and they fell on the floor, collecting scratches and the times I laid them somewhere and couldn’t remember where.

I bought my newest glasses before a trip to the Grand Canyon, and I imagined them slipping out and falling, falling, falling. So I squeezed my mind’s eye shut against my stereotypes of people who hang their glasses around their necks.

I’m a convert. Since then, I can’t remember one time when I said, “Where are my glasses?” And my 3-month-old glasses have not one scratch–an all-time record for me.

I’ve taken advantage of my craft stash of beads to make my own necklacey holders too. May as well treat this ADD tool as a fashion accessory. Maybe I’ll even make earrings to match.





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4 Responses to “What I forgot to say”

  1. The eyeglass tether is superb for gals like us! I understand about the stereotypical folks who hang glasses around their necks, yet I remember my 1st grade teacher who wore her glasses around her neck in a smart and stylish fashion! Practicality takes precedence these days and a beaded eyeglasses tether hangs in there as an “ADD tool and a fashion accessory”!

  2. LOVE the glasses idea! (Now…if my husband would only agree to the tether idea, too!) Ha!

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