Thursday, November 10th, 2011

National Adoption Awareness Month

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. So this is a good time to give away some more adoption-related books.

At the Together for Adoption Conference last month, the folks from Focus on the Family gave me a pair of gifts for 5 of you.


Handbook on Thriving as an Adoptive Family: Real-Life Solutions to Common Challenges


Thriving as an Adoptive Family: Real-Life Solutions to Common Challenges, edited by David and Renee Sanford




Wait No More: One Family's Amazing Adoption Journey


Wait No More: One Family’s Amazing Adoption Journey, by Kelly and John Rosati




To be eligible for the drawing:

  • Visit Focus on the Family’s I Care About Orphans site. If you’ve adopted or are thinking about it or if you care about adoptive families and children who need homes, there are an amazing array of resources here.
  • Comment just once at this post and let us know some way you were affected by your visit to that site.
  • Deadline is 11:59 pm this Sunday, 11/13.
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25 Responses to “National Adoption Awareness Month”

  1. Hi Noel,

    Firstly, thank you so much for giving this topic your time and attention. I am a pastor/missionary/planter and my wife and I adopted our first baby 3 years ago. We were overseas and could not adopt in the country we were serving in. As we couldn’t birth naturally, we sought to adopt. My wife had previously served orphanages that rescued kids from sex trafficking in Thailand. Needless to say, she wanted to take them all home. Our first girl was a beautiful, healthy baby girl, and we named her Liberty Grace. She was of mixed race descent, and we’re hoping to get another just like her. She’s so beautiful, we wish we could send a picture. We are currently in the process of adopting number two. Finances are a huge issue. Our family, church family, and friends helped us with the cost of the first as we were living off of meager missionary support, but now after 12 years, we’ve returned home. We have just been opening up to the possibility of doing foster adopt, so your link to this site couldn’t have come at a better time. There are so many people who don’t know where to start. We’ve just completed our home study and have been weighing our options, but we’ve come to the decision that this is probably going to be the way for us. We’re excited…we serve a sovereign God, and He so took care of us through the first wave. We look forward to seeing him work through new ways, and a new system. Grace and Peace, Peyton, Andrea, and Liberty Grace

  2. Yay for T4A! My husband and I were there as well, and we were grateful to hear your perspective on adoption (esp. transracial adoption) during the lunch talk. We are fans of the Pipers, and we’re excited for the things that God has in store for us as we pursue adoption through foster care! Thanks for doing the give-a-way! We’re hungry for great resources!

  3. It’s my birthday today! Awesome giveaway!

  4. “Real love allows you as the adoptive parent to examine your own fears. Only in your confrontation of these fears can a fearless love be grown. It takes courage to ask those difficult questions about the fears that reside deep within your spirit. “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love” (1 John 4:18).”

    Fear. That’s what I’ve been feeling lately. As I read the comment above (from the fotf website) it drives how how much fear is normal and an opportunity for growth through both learning to love God more and by looking into the dusty recesses of my heart.

    Just last night Brenton and I went to an informational seminar learning about the different types of adoption. I was 13 when God put adoption in my heart. I never made the connection before but I think I must have been inspired by you adopting Talitha (the numbers add up to point to that). I remember telling so many people “I want to adopt hard to place children. Older children. Sibling groups. Transracial.” It’s a lot less frightening to think about when you are 15 talking about a *someday* than when you are 29 talking about someday soon.

    Here we are praying, fasting, seeking God over making these major life altering decisions. We started this journey saying “Oh we aren’t really open to adopting through foster care.” and “We would like a child younger than Samuel.” Guess where God is pointing us? But when I think back to the original calling, untainted by fear, I see how adopting through the foster care system is exactly where God has been pointing me from the beginning. We as a family are all really excited about this path.

  5. My daughter and her husband just accepted a referral for two infants in Ethiopia. The Focus on the Family site was helpful in clarifying the appropriate language. We’re so excited about our two grand babies.

  6. Ashley Bradberry

    After 6 years of trying to conceive without succes and upon my turning 30, my husband and I began working on our adoption portfolio. Adoption is something I’ve known I was called to do since a very young age and God gave me a husband who shared the same desire. Little did we know that while filling out papers and doing our research that God was growing a little person inside my very own womb. Needless to say our adoption process has now been out on hold and 6 months ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! Many would believe that we would no longer feel the need to adopt, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We are eagerly awaiting the day that we can begin again the process of adoption to which we feel called and humbled at the thought of carrying out such a magnificent God given task. We continue to learn about God’s plan for adoption and seek out those who have gone before us and can teach and inspire us to continue on this journey.

  7. Thanks for the link. We are in the process of adopting two little guys from Uganda. The I Care About Orphans site is especially helpful to refer people to as they start thinking about adoption. Some couples from our church our going to the Together for Adoption Conference in Chicago this Saturday, so I’m excited to also be able to share this website with them to peruse further.

  8. My husband and I are about to start paperwork to adopt a little one from Russia. We have often frequented the Focus on the Family site for information and encouragement. Thanks for all that you do for those of us who are still a little scared to jump in all the way!

  9. As an adoptive mom, I am thrilled to see this website. I had no idea there was a site from Focus on the Family with these collected resources. I was encouraged to see their encouraging yet honest words about adopting domestically. There is such a need here in our own country.
    Thanks for the giveaway. Even if I don’t win, I’ll keep these titles tucked away on my wish list.

  10. Thank you so much for posting this helpful information. My husband and I are just beginning the adoption process. Getting started seems so overwhelming right. I guess because there are so many options. We are just trying to determine where God is leading us. This website was helpful especially some of the faq’s. With a 2-year-old and an 8-month-old we need all of the guidance we can get! :) Thanks for all you do to advocate for the fatherless!

  11. I loved the list for “correct adoption language”. I have several friends and family members who have adopted or are in the process so I think it’s great that people learn how to use their words in a way that builds up instead of causing unintended pain.

  12. I enjoyed the website you linked to very much. My husband and I will attend a Together for Adoption regional conference in Chicago tomorrow. We just can’t wait to one day meet the child God created for us to adopt! :)

  13. I viewed Florida’s No more Waiting and Jim Daley’s video. How powerful to think that no child will be orphaned simply by less than ONE person per church in the USA stepping forward to answer this call. I can tell you, my husband and I planned to adopt from foster care. Adoption was our plan from the start but God had other plans for us and that was to impact more than one life. So, what I said for ten years that I could Never do (Foster), that is exactly where God wanted me:)
    My husband is a Psychology professor who God is calling to get his counseling license. But we both feel God’s tug for something more. Will you pray about that “something more”… it could be to spread the word to the churches it could be building a support system for those who do adopt. I am anxiously anticipating what great things God has planned for us as a couple and as a family!

  14. As an adoptive mom who is starting to face a 5 yr old’s increasingly astute questions, this post was timely and a good reminder to get on the same page as my hubby and start a life album. I would love to know, Noel, if you have any practical advice (the only kind you give!) to adoptive parents as to how different ages requires different versions of the adoption story. We have never lied to our son, but want to balance the burden of difficult knowledge with his age.. Thank you!

  15. We are just waiting on our official foster care license from the state of Michigan! Thanks for the encouragement!

  16. Visiting the “I care about orphans” site was a great encouragement to me. We have been waiting for our official foster care license from the state, and in the long process I don’t want to lose sight of the reason we decided to be foster parents. God cares about these children! Though we don’t feel called to adopt, we can meet the needs of those children God brings into out home, and be a blessing.

  17. I love all of the resources on FOF’s website. I would really love to get a copy of the Orphan Care video and will have to make a trip to our Family Christian store soon!

    Having adopted our three special needs children, anything adoption is very important to me!

  18. I have visited the FOF site in the past, looking for resources on Reactive Attachment Disorder, but am particularly interested in “Thriving as an Adoptive Family.” After raising 2 biological children, God burdened our hearts for orphans and now, we have a second family (while enjoying grandchildren at the same time!) God blessed us with a special needs child from Jamaica and most recently with 2 children through our state’s foster system who have a lot of baggage to sort through. Thanks for your passion and helpful posts about adoption!

  19. Thanks for sharing! We are waiting for our referral for our child from Ethiopia. We also are starting an orphan care ministry at our church and the icarefororphans site was a wealth of resources! The stats on how many waiting kids in each state compared to how many churches there are in the state was powerful! Thanks for sharing!

  20. The website was great. It’s helpful for me to think about these things because a couple at my church has begun the process to adopt. Also, my best friend has a burden for adoption. I’m beginning to feel it, as well.
    Like several others, I appreciated the list of proper words for speaking about adoption.

  21. Loved the resources. Waiting on two little ones from Rwanda…

  22. I did not realize that Focus on Family had an adoption ministry. Really liked the Wait no More program. I am an adoptive mom to 3 gorgeous children. Our 3rd adoption was finalized last week;)

  23. When a child is adopted in this country, his/her original birth certificate (the truthful documentation of his/her birth) is permanently sealed. A falsified “amended” one is issued listing the adoptive parents as the child’s biological parents. Average Joe’s who falsify identity documents serve hard time in federal prison, yet this is done happily in vital record’s offices around this country with the permission of archaeic, discriminatory laws.

  24. There are over 1,000 kids in Minnesota that are waiting for adoption and over 5,000 churches in this state. What if in 2012 1/5 of the churches had a family decide to adopt a child in Minnesota? We may be one of them next year.

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