Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

Aaron Armstrong book giveaway

Awaiting a Savior: The Gospel, the New Creation and the End of PovertyAs we think about how to help orphans, we come face to face with poverty at every turn.

Where does poverty come from? What are we supposed to do about it?  How can we look at poverty and not feel defeated? How can we see the needs of the world and not be disheartened? How can we weigh the clear responsibilities we have to care for the poor and not be overwhelmed?

These questions have an answer: To see the end of poverty, we are awaiting a savior, as Aaron Armstrong shows in Awaiting a Savior: The Gospel, the New Creation, and the End of Poverty.

Aaron has donated 5 copies of his book for us here at

Here’s what to do to get your name into the drawing once:

  1. Visit Aaron’s blog–Blogging Theologically.
  2. Comment once at this post to let me know you’ve done that.

To enter your name an additional time:

  1. Subscribe to Blogging Theologically, or follow Aaron on FaceBook or on Twitter.
  2. Comment once at this post to let me know that you’ve one of those.
Deadline is Tuesday, 10/25, 11:59 pm.
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43 Responses to “Aaron Armstrong book giveaway”

  1. I visited Aaron’s blog.

  2. I have subscribed to Aaron’s blog through my Google reader as well as liked his Facebook page.

  3. Visited Aaron’s blog-he has great stuff there. Enjoyed reading his take on some of the T4A speakers, as well as today’s post from Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

  4. Also am following Aaron’s blog. I re-posted his daily post on f/b.

  5. I follow Aaron’s blog on Facebook.

  6. I visited Aaron’s blog.

  7. Hey, thanks for the opportunity! I just checked out his blog and liked it one Facebook/started following him on twitter. Figured I’d do both to actually kind of keep up with his blog.

  8. I visited Aaron’s blog!

  9. I have visited Aaron’s blog as well as subscribed to it and follow Aaron on Facebook and Twitter.

  10. Renee Skibinski

    I have visited Aaron’s blog.
    I already follow him on twitter, and now FB as well. =)

  11. I visited Aaron’s blog, follow him on Twitter also…thanks

  12. I am now following Aaron on Facebook. :-)

  13. I’ve visited Aaron’s blog (many times!), I subscribe via Google Reader, follow him on Twitter _and_ like him on Facebook. (Although I do that all because he’s excellent, not just to try and win his book!)

  14. I have visited Aaron’s blog. Excellent!

  15. And I’ve subscribed to his posts. Thanks for encouraging us to visit a blog with such rich thoughts that point us to Jesus.

  16. Thank you for introducing me to Aaron via his blog. I visited his blog and subscribed to it via email. Looking forward to learning more . . . my hubby and I were just wrestling last night with questions about poverty and how best to help the poor in our area . . .

  17. Thank you for sharing this blog. We lived in Sudan for 15 months and I would love to hear Aaron’s perspective on poverty. I have visited his blog and become a follower on facebook.

  18. Rhonda Lamptone

    Went to the site…registered to win! Yeah!

  19. I visited Aaron’s blog and looking forward to read more.

  20. Laurie McRostie

    I visited Aaron’s blog and subscribed. Good blog.

  21. I visited Aaron’s blog. Looks good; can’t wait to explore a little more.

  22. I’m following on Facebook.

  23. I have also foloowed Aaron’s blog through Google Reader.

  24. Thanks for pointing us to Aaron’s blog. I loved reading through a couple of the sermon transcripts from T4A.

  25. I visited Aaron’s blog, and I’d like to own a copy of his book.

  26. i visit Aaron’s blog–Blogging Theologically.

  27. I visited Aaron’s blog and followed him on twitter.

  28. I have visited his blog and I am going to squeeze him into my toolbar! Thanks

  29. I am now subscribing to his blog and following him on facebook

  30. I visited his blog… that book looks AMAZING!

  31. I am very interested in this book! My husband & I have been studying and learning about poverty. We bought this book at the conference over the weekend. God has put a family in our path and we are at a loss on how to help! We pray a lot…I make a lot of pb&j sandwhiches too!

  32. I visited Aaron’s blog!

  33. I also subscribed to him on Facebook!

  34. I visited the blog, thanks for sharing it. I found it encouraging!

  35. I subscribed to his blog, too.

  36. Thanks for hooking up the blog. I’m a follower of his on Twitter.

  37. I visited Aaron’s blog.

  38. I subscribed to Blogging Theologically. It is full of great things to read.

  39. Visited Aaron’s blog

  40. YES! I love Aaron and his blog! Too bad it’s past the deadline… guess I’ll just have to buy the book for myself! :-D

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