Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

But what can I do?

There are millions of orphans in the world–163 million, I heard yesterday at the Together for Adoption Conference.

What can I do? That is exactly the right question to ask–twice.

First time: What can I do–what can just one person do? That’s the normal feeling we have when we learn about such a widespread, huge pain that seems to need millions of people working to make a dent. The only problem with that question is if it expresses hopelessness–“I’m just one person, so I can’t do anything.” To that, I say, If God had meant for me to be a committee, he wouldn’t have made me just one person.

Second time: What can I do? God did make me just one person, so how does he want to work through me? What gifts did he give me that he can use to make a difference for orphans?

That’s the question I see people asking and answering here.

Dawn Patterson’s church, Grace Covenant in Austin, Texas, has a partnership with Food for the Hungry. The church’s focus is with children who have become the heads of their households because of the death of their parents and other adult members of their extended families.

Dawn wanted to raise money to sponsor one of those child, so she asked herself, “What can I do to raise $600 a year?” She told me, “God has given us all gifts and talents to further his kingdom. I can make jewelry, so I’m doing that–making jewelry out of African beads.” In the first year, the sales of that jewelry brought in her goal of $600 . . . plus another $24,400 for orphan ministry.

Tulio and Kara Portilla, of Into the Streets of Ethiopia, say, “When we went to Ethiopia to adopt, we looked around and realized that when God makes us aware of needs, we have a responsibility. Also, we wanted to do something to honor our daughter and her birth nation.” They are associated now with the adoption ministry of YWAM, acting as a sort of channel for the talents of others who are using their gifts for the sake of God’s kingdom among orphans in Ethiopia.

So, the question for today: What CAN I do?


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  1. Just like our founder Larry Ward said ” they die one at a time and we can help them one at a time”. This is what Dawn is doing using what God has given her to do. Thanks for reminding me today about the work God is doing through the people at Grace Covenant for the orphans in Ethiopia.

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