Friday, October 21st, 2011

Home-based orphan care

This morning’s session began with a video of World Orphans‘ work in Haiti, focusing on Pastor Pierre of Mission Eglise Evangelique El-Schaddai in Port-au-Prince. That especially caught my attention because Johnny and I visited with Pastor Pierre and he took us to visit some of the church-related families in a tent village.

Pastor Pierre is part of World Orphans’ home-based orphan care work in Haiti. World Orphans works through local churches to provide resources, education, and support in homes that have folded an orphan into their lives.

The bigger-picture vision of World Orphans is that through the body of Christ communities be transformed with the church as an integral part of that society.

(You can see more pictures of Pastor Pierre and some of the families his church is connecting with and supporting.)


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2 Responses to “Home-based orphan care”

  1. Our church family has a relationship with a church in Nairobi via World Orphans. This church joyfully serves the widows and orphans in the surrounding slum communities and our faith family is so blessed to be a {small} part of their orphan care ministry.

    Thanks for sharing; World Orphans is a ministry very near and dear to my heart.

  2. Glory to God! May the cause of the orphan continue to remind us of our spiritual adoption in Christ and then be moved towards those who are orphaned…Until they all have homes! I deeply appreciate both the ministry and heart of World Orphans.

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