Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

But I’m the reserved one!

I just saw this tweet, and assumed they were talking about the vigorous (shall we say?) speaker in the family: “You wouldn’t believe this picture of Piper speaking. dsr.gd/pY0D3n

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9 Responses to “But I’m the reserved one!”

  1. Very cool. You’re a natural.

  2. I’m proud of you! Now if I only knew what you were saying!

    • Psalm 46 “be still and know that I AM God” the Lord will be exulted!
      A great reminder to escape from the busyness of life to be kindled by the stillness, queitness of God. Some very encouraging biographies of the greatness, majestic, sovereign God ( which I think is captured in Noel’s awesome picture). A good reminder of answer to prayer when we pray with a childlike faith, not doubting!
      Well done Noel!

  3. That’s way too funny!

  4. Love it, Noel! I thank God for the many ways He has blessed you and blessed others, including me, through you.

  5. Wow. Really nice.

  6. Noel I enjoyed listening to the teaching yesterday as I was cooking. (A fav combo) REALLY good, loved it! I can easily get hooked on biographies after reading “A Chance to Die: The Life & Legacy Of Amy Carmichael” by Elisabeth Elliot last year. So powerful! I hope they continue to post your teachings, I’ll be listening in Atlanta :)

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