Sunday, August 28th, 2011

One of our first real dates

Today when I was skimming through the blogs I subscribe to, I was reminded of one of the first real dates Johnny and I had. Real means we planned ahead and went somewhere, as opposed to the impromptu “Want to go to Dipper Dan’s for an ice cream cone?” after the evening service at Wheaton Bible Church.

One summer Saturday we and two other couples piled into the van that belonged to one of the guys, and we spent the day at “the dunes.” The Encyclopaedia Britannica Blog calls Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore an off-the-beaten-path venue.

There are several reasons for me to remember that day–all embarrassing.

1. Not being very adept at make-up, I wore mascara. When we ventured into the water, it dribbled down my cheeks. Johnny asked, “Why do you wear that stuff?”

2. On the way home, Johnny “casually” eased his arm toward the back of the seat behind me–just to rest his arm, you know–and jabbed his elbow into my eye.

3. The next day my sunburn had fully developed–all on one side. Why? Because I felt it wouldn’t be polite to turn my back on Johnny and so while we were lying on our towels in the sun, I always had my face turned toward him .

Thank God, he’s brought us a long way since those first uncomfortable days.


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6 Responses to “One of our first real dates”

  1. I love how real you are on your blog.

    Reminds me on one of those embarrassing moments my husband and I had on one of our first dates. We went to the Brown Derby in town and I ordered spaghetti & meatballs. Wouldn’t you know that as I stabbed that first meatball, it popped off the plate and rolled all the way off the tiered area we were sitting onto the floor-and people-below! Neither of us said a thing and it wasn’t until a fews years later that we howled about it!

  2. Once when we were dating I called my husband by my ex-boyfriends name. Yeah, embarrassing.

  3. hahaha!! this is hilarious!
    I wish when I marry, years will go by and I’ll be able to look back at those embarrassing moments with joy :)

  4. Thanks for the laugh out loud on this ‘edge of Hurrican Irene’ day.

  5. The mix of awkwardness and anticipation of the early days–they make for wonderful stories. Thanks for sharing yours; enjoyed it! :)

  6. On our first date, when my future husband dropped me off after dinner, he began a very serious conversation while I squirmed and fidgeted with the car door. He ended, unexpectedly for a first date, with a heart-felt “I love you!” I said, “Thank you,” got the car door open, and ran away!

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