Thursday, July 28th, 2011

One singer my boys and I agreed on

Justin Taylor notes that today is the 29th anniversary since Keith Green died. He includes an hour-long video that I’m looking forward to watching.

Keith Green was part of the Jesus People years. I was young in that era too, though I became familiar with his music later.

A generation after Keith Green, one of our sons spent hours behind his closed bedroom door with Keith Green cranked up to the highest volume on his boombox–especially when he was upset. Too loud, but I wasn’t about to argue with music that often spoke to my soul too.

Even now, my heart resonates especially with Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful or Create in Me a Clean Heart or There Is a Redeemer.

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8 Responses to “One singer my boys and I agreed on”

  1. I love the Easter Song!

  2. I just listened to these songs on the way in to work. Brought back a lot of great memories. God is so good to give us talented people like Keith!
    These songs are so rich in heart felt theology, too.

  3. wow! i grew up with those songs and never even knew they were written by the same musician, much less who wrote them. we usually sang these songs after taking communion with no overhead projection or book in hand. love these songs, too!

  4. Yes! A great Christian artist who sang songs about Jesus Christ. It is becoming more and more rare.

  5. Kathleen McCready

    I was totally into Keith too! His “communal living” ideas were quite radical tho.

  6. Keith Green was my intro. to “contemp” christian music. (a short term missions team had his stuff and left them for us – m.k’s.) The words and music still encourage me. happy day to you ☺.

  7. My 3 sons & I have shared a love for Keith as well. My youngest (with musical gifting)has the most…even choosing to do a public speaking assignment on Keith’s life at his state college, which greatly affected his very “mixed” college audience. God’s powerful truths live on, amen!

  8. Thanks you for this reminder of a live well lived, but too brief. I have always loved his music and still to this day remember what I was doing when I heard he had died. He is someone I am looking forward to meeting in heaven. Thanks so much for sharing the songs and memories.

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