Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Using her gifts to bless

I am feeling very thankful tonight for our daughter, Talitha. God has given her a sweet gift: she loves to be with young children and they love to be with her. She’s saving up her babysitting money these days so she can use her gifts thousands of miles away next month to bless children and their parents from around the world.

Here are excerpts from a letter she wrote earlier this summer. I hope you will pray for Talitha and her teammates when you think of them.


Dear Friends and Family,

This August I get the privilege of serving kids in Europe for God’s glory! My team and I will be organizing children’s programs and teaching them at a spiritual life conference. I am incredibly excited to connect with these kids who are coming from all over the world! May Jesus Christ be glorified in the ways we interact and what we teach these kids.

I am going with a team out of Bethlehem, called Club 4th. Club 4th works with Third Culture Kids, with the desire to connect with them and help them grow in their understanding of the 4th Culture, God’s Kingdom Culture.

As I prepare to go this summer, I am fully aware of my neediness. God will supply!

Prayer Needs

  • Satan is on the prowl. He will try his hardest to make us doubt the goodness of God. Please pray that we would be armed and that we would fight off the devil with God’s power!
  • Working with a team is good and fun, but also humbling. Please pray that we would be united in God and that when we correct each other, we would be kind. Also that when we have wronged someone we would be quick to forgive and forget.
  • There are so many families coming from all over the world with all kinds of needs. Please pray that God would work mightily in the lives of these families and give them grace for whatever they need.
  • Lastly, pray for the kids. We will be working with ages 4-11, and another group (not out of BBC) is working with ages 12-18. Each has unique needs. Pray that God help us as we connect and build relationships. Also may God help them connect in a powerful way with him.

Your prayer is much appreciated! I want so much for these kids to fall in love with Jesus like I have, maybe for the first time, or maybe again! I also want them to have a solid Christ-honoring relationship with their parents as they work together on the mission field.

Thank you for supporting me! May God bless you! This summer I want to be used by God for his all powerful glory! To God be the glory!

Talitha Piper

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  1. I will definitely be praying for Talitha! :) So excited for her!!

  2. I’ll be praying too! :) Bon Voyage!!!

  3. I am going to stop and pray for you right now Talitha, and for your mom and dad who will miss you terribly even while they rejoice in your service of and for the King.

  4. It’s is so wonderful to see young women like this that help with all the strength GOD gives them it’s truely a blessing and very inspiring.

  5. Praying for you talitha! I also love helping kids and teaching them the Word of God! Praise God for people like you!- @vanessaines

  6. Sounds like a great way to bless missionary families! As a father of 3 Third Culture kids, I wish this were more common. Thanks for serving in this way!

  7. We have prayed for you and will continue to ask God to bless your efforts and enthusiasm for His service.

  8. Love hearing (and seeing!) this. Does Talitha have a blog? I’d love for my adopted daughter to be encouraged by your sweet girl’s faithfulness.

  9. Yes I will for sure be praying.

  10. Talitha, Thanks for being faithful to God’s call. Will stop and pray right now.

  11. How wonderful! Our son did the same in Haiti recently and was so blessed. I pray the same for Talitha, as she lays down her life and allows her Savior to SHINE through her. Good for her!

  12. As a missionary mom, this warms my heart knowing that there is someone going to minister to TCK’s. I will be praying!

  13. Kathleen McCready

    4th Culture ~ I love it!

  14. My hubby and I will be praying! :)

  15. Wow, great when our kids step up in faith!

  16. May the Lord encourage your heart as a mama! He has blessed the fruit of your hand! My prayers will be with Talitha. May the Lord use it mightily in her life to show His faithfulness and goodness to His people. May unity on the team be a sweet aroma of Christ that encourages all. May eyes be opened further to the wonders of Jesus Christ and may He receive much glory, honor and praise. I look forward to praising God for what He does on this trip!

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