Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Saying Goodby

Today we say goodbye to the beautiful mother of one of our beautiful daughters-in-law. Maria Clara discovered cancer near the end of April and now–so quickly–she is gone.

She had moved from Fortaleza, Brazil, to Minneapolis about a year ago, so we’d been able to see more of each other since then. Sometimes I’d have the grandchildren and drop them off with her, their Vovó. Other times she’d drop them off with me, their Grandmama.

We two mothers celebrated together with our shared children and grandchildren this Mothers Day, which was also her beloved daughter’s birthday.

Not long ago, in the hospital, after I had prayed for her, she continued holding my hand, “Noel, I love you.”

“Maria Clara, I love you too. And I love your children and grandchildren very, very much.”

She said through tears, “You and I will raise our grandchildren together.”

Now we see that’s not going to be happening the way she’d hoped. But the love Vovó Maria Clara has poured into her grandchildren is not lost. It will always be part of their memories and of who they are.

No one can take your place, Maria Clara, but I will try to be a better grandmother to them, and remember you with them.

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4 Responses to “Saying Goodby”

  1. So very sad for all of you. But what joy it must have brought her to know that she leaves her daughter and grandchildren with you, Noel, who I am sure will keep her memory alive in the hearts of your grandchildren.

  2. God has touched my heart through you. Thank you.
    With love and prayers for those who will miss Maria Clara,

  3. A beautiful tribute to her, Noel.

  4. Christy Green

    I am so sorry to hear this. I will be praying for your whole family as you grieve her loss. My mother-in-law died in March after a quick two month battle with cancer. We miss her so much still, but it has provided daily oppertunities to speak with our kids about the reality and hope of Heaven.

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