Thursday, July 7th, 2011

One of the things I love about my husband

Last weekend we had some special time with some of our grandchildren. When Johnny gathered them around him the first evening for a Bible story, one said, “Why do we do this every time before we go to bed?” Another said immediately, “Because it’s fun!”

Johnny explained that there’s lots more to it than fun. But I thought, “What more can you ask for than that a 6-year-old love the Bible stories for any reason, including Granddaddy being such a good storyteller?”

Here’s a glimpse of the next evening.

Once there was a very wicked man named Haman. He wanted to kill all the Jews. But there was a very brave girl named Esther. Haman didn’t know she was a Jew . . .


























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20 Responses to “One of the things I love about my husband”

  1. Thats so wonderful! Your children and grandchilden are so blessed :)

  2. sweet sweet sweet :)

  3. Delightfully beautiful. My five year old son can never go to bed without his devotional. Can’t miss it… Oh, what joy to crave the word of God.

  4. Amen. Noel, the photos are precious!

  5. It’s the hand gestures and facial expressions that make him the best. It looks like a nail biter, too! ;)

  6. You need to have a “like” button just like facebook. Those photos are precious :)

  7. I love it! This is the side of your DH that draws my children to hug him so hard when they see him..

  8. So fun!

  9. i love this Noel…
    and i love that the response was:
    “because it’s fun!”

  10. Deborah Whitmore

    LOVE THIS! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Makes my heart glad to see that.

  12. Kathleen McCready

    You have a wonderful man! I am going to see a whole bunch of neices and nephews soon!
    Can I borrow Johnny? lol. NO! Oh bummer….guess I will have to be more like him, cuz he is more like Jesus and polish some story telling!

  13. oh, to have been a grandchild such as one of these….but now we have the opportunity to be such a grandparent..and for that, we are grateful!

  14. My heart gives thanks to God for this beautiful post! The Lord has used this to encourage my heart as a woman of God! Building and affirming your husband, delighting and taking time for your children / grandchildren, teaching the little ones of their great and powerful God! May you know that the Lord has used you today to encourage me in my calling as wife and mother. I praise God for giving us modern day clouds of witness as mentioned in Hebrews 12! May His strong and mighty hand continue upon us and lift our eyes to the glory and wonder of Jesus! May we praise Him for His great love displayed in His wonderful creation! Many blessings to you and yours!

  15. Bonnie Edenfield

    Hi Noel! Precious memories and traditions that these little ones will carry from generation to generation. Sweet pictures. If you guys are ever in North Carolina, give me a call. Would love to see you. Say hello to Johnny! Love you both!

  16. Does he preach to them hard the way he does in his teachings?

  17. I hope that my husband will be that kind of granddaddy when we have grandkids! Your grandchildren are so blessed.

  18. Loved these sweet pictures which communicate so richly–better than a thousand words.
    Also loved your Tabletalk piece on introversion and friendship. [I call myself an H for hermit.] Blessings from a fellow pastor’s wife.

  19. Oh, how adorable is this! Thanks for sharing.

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