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Thursday, July 28th, 2011

One singer my boys and I agreed on

Justin Taylor notes that today is the 29th anniversary since Keith Green died. He includes an hour-long video that I’m looking forward to watching.

Keith Green was part of the Jesus People years. I was young in that era too, though I became familiar with his music later.

A generation after Keith Green, one of our sons spent hours behind his closed bedroom door with Keith Green cranked up to the highest volume on his boombox–especially when he was upset. Too loud, but I wasn’t about to argue with music that often spoke to my soul too.

Even now, my heart resonates especially with Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful or Create in Me a Clean Heart or There Is a Redeemer.

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Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

What do you give a woman who has . . .

Earlier this month the extended Henry family had its reunion at High Falls State Park. It’s been an annual event since about 1986.

Traditions have evolved around the event, and it seems a new one has been added this year. My cousin, Chris, suggested that each year we give, if we wish to, to a charity that is special to someone in the family. Each year the recipient organization would be different. He suggested that this year the gift be to The Gideons International, since several family members are Gideons.

Aunt Rachel followed up a couple of days later with this email:

Chris and I have been talking and thought that since it is Pam’s ninetieth birthday year, it would be good for our Gideon contribution would be in honor of her.

She has worked  in the Gideon organization since she and George became members.  Since George died, she in her boundless energy, has continued to be faithful distributing Bibles, in the jail ministry, and attending meetings and conferences. She has held offices both locally and statewide, and  you do not have to be with her long before she will tell you about the greatness of this Great Commission ministry.

Pam is my mother, George my father. They joined Gideons in 1971–40 years ago this year. After Daddy died, for several years, Mother was The Gideons Auxiliary person responsible for staying connected with Gideon widows. Up until recently, whenever I visited, she was likely to take me to the county jail, to gather with women inmates with Gospel testimony, singing together–and, of course, giving Gideon New Testaments and other Christian literature.

So, what do you give a woman who has 90 years and whose treasure is in heaven? Bibles to give away, of course–$1600 to The Gideons, who will send 320 Bibles in local languages around the world.

Mother emailed the family:

I could not even begin to describe to you how your love impacts me. You have joyously reminded me of my upcoming 90th! However many days the Lord has allotted to me (and He says that our days are numbered), I enjoy every one of them, and so may you–abiding in the center of his will.

Your gift will bless some or many of the well over 190 countries where there are Gideon business or professional men and their Auxiliary wives, many of whom are living near poverty level but with rich hearts.

May our Lord bless you and minister to you in all your needs, as you share his Word where he sends you.

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Sunday, July 24th, 2011

T4A: There’re early birds and there’re SUPER early birds

T4A = Together for Adoption, which exists to provide gospel-centered resources to mobilize the church for global orphan care.

T4A National Conference: October 21-22, Phoenix, AZ — Missional Living, the Gospel and Orphan Care

Early Bird Registration: $149 $109 Per Person (good through August 31st)

Super Early Bird Registration: 149 . . .$109 . . . $75 Per Person (Monday, 7/25 – Saturday, 7/30)

I’d like to be part of this T4A 2011 Conference. So I’ve been considering schedule and finances to see how I can work it out. I was thinking like this: The regular registration fee is not bad, and if I don’t do my usual procrastination thing, the early bird rate is even better.

Well, looks like they’re reading my mind and are saying: Let us make it even more manageable. How does $75 sound? You just have to remember to register sometime this week, Monday-Saturday, July 25 – 30. And you have to do it at the special Super Early Bird registration page.

Okay. Where’s my phone (=my brain)? I got to go set a reminder alarm for Monday morning so I can be a super early bird. $75 . . . $75 . . . $75  . . .

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Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Using her gifts to bless

I am feeling very thankful tonight for our daughter, Talitha. God has given her a sweet gift: she loves to be with young children and they love to be with her. She’s saving up her babysitting money these days so she can use her gifts thousands of miles away next month to bless children and their parents from around the world.

Here are excerpts from a letter she wrote earlier this summer. I hope you will pray for Talitha and her teammates when you think of them.


Dear Friends and Family,

This August I get the privilege of serving kids in Europe for God’s glory! My team and I will be organizing children’s programs and teaching them at a spiritual life conference. I am incredibly excited to connect with these kids who are coming from all over the world! May Jesus Christ be glorified in the ways we interact and what we teach these kids.

I am going with a team out of Bethlehem, called Club 4th. Club 4th works with Third Culture Kids, with the desire to connect with them and help them grow in their understanding of the 4th Culture, God’s Kingdom Culture.

As I prepare to go this summer, I am fully aware of my neediness. God will supply!

Prayer Needs

  • Satan is on the prowl. He will try his hardest to make us doubt the goodness of God. Please pray that we would be armed and that we would fight off the devil with God’s power!
  • Working with a team is good and fun, but also humbling. Please pray that we would be united in God and that when we correct each other, we would be kind. Also that when we have wronged someone we would be quick to forgive and forget.
  • There are so many families coming from all over the world with all kinds of needs. Please pray that God would work mightily in the lives of these families and give them grace for whatever they need.
  • Lastly, pray for the kids. We will be working with ages 4-11, and another group (not out of BBC) is working with ages 12-18. Each has unique needs. Pray that God help us as we connect and build relationships. Also may God help them connect in a powerful way with him.

Your prayer is much appreciated! I want so much for these kids to fall in love with Jesus like I have, maybe for the first time, or maybe again! I also want them to have a solid Christ-honoring relationship with their parents as they work together on the mission field.

Thank you for supporting me! May God bless you! This summer I want to be used by God for his all powerful glory! To God be the glory!

Talitha Piper

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Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Saying Goodby

Today we say goodbye to the beautiful mother of one of our beautiful daughters-in-law. Maria Clara discovered cancer near the end of April and now–so quickly–she is gone.

She had moved from Fortaleza, Brazil, to Minneapolis about a year ago, so we’d been able to see more of each other since then. Sometimes I’d have the grandchildren and drop them off with her, their Vovó. Other times she’d drop them off with me, their Grandmama.

We two mothers celebrated together with our shared children and grandchildren this Mothers Day, which was also her beloved daughter’s birthday.

Not long ago, in the hospital, after I had prayed for her, she continued holding my hand, “Noel, I love you.”

“Maria Clara, I love you too. And I love your children and grandchildren very, very much.”

She said through tears, “You and I will raise our grandchildren together.”

Now we see that’s not going to be happening the way she’d hoped. But the love Vovó Maria Clara has poured into her grandchildren is not lost. It will always be part of their memories and of who they are.

No one can take your place, Maria Clara, but I will try to be a better grandmother to them, and remember you with them.

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Thursday, July 7th, 2011

One of the things I love about my husband

Last weekend we had some special time with some of our grandchildren. When Johnny gathered them around him the first evening for a Bible story, one said, “Why do we do this every time before we go to bed?” Another said immediately, “Because it’s fun!”

Johnny explained that there’s lots more to it than fun. But I thought, “What more can you ask for than that a 6-year-old love the Bible stories for any reason, including Granddaddy being such a good storyteller?”

Here’s a glimpse of the next evening.

Once there was a very wicked man named Haman. He wanted to kill all the Jews. But there was a very brave girl named Esther. Haman didn’t know she was a Jew . . .


























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