Saturday, May 7th, 2011

What moms were reading 100 years ago

Maybe you or your mom would enjoy glimpses of what mothers were reading a hundred or more years ago when they were hoping for advice, encouragement, recipes . . . .

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I’ve linked each title to the page where you can download it free to read on Kindle.



Or if you prefer to read on your computer without downloading the free Kindle app, you can also find all the books at Project Gutenberg.


The value of a praying mother, Isabel C. Byrum, 1911

Advice to a Mother on the Management of Her Children and on the Treatment on the Moment of Some of Their More Pressing Illnesses and Accidents, Pye Henry Chavasse, 1878

The Prospective Mother, a Handbook for Women During Pregnancy, J. Morris Siemons, 1912

Mrs. Whittelsey’s Magazine for Mothers and Daughters, 1842

Practical Suggestions for Mother and Housewife, Marion Mills Miller, c.1900

Things Mother Used to Make: A Collection of Old Time Recipes, Some Nearly One Hundred Years Old and Never Published before, Lydia Maria Gurney, 1914

(Note: The opinions expressed in these books are not necessarily those of the author of this blog!)

When you dip into any of these, comment to let us know what you DO agree with or what’s really different now.

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  1. Great idea! Loving free Kindle books. Because I live in Europe, I could not download most of those books from Amazon (I guess Amazon has some copyright restrictions or something like that) though, but on the Kindle-versions of a two of the books can be found. Here are the links for those interested:

    The Value of a Praying Mother:

    Practical Suggestions for Mother and Housewife:

  2. Noel,

    I live in The Netherlands.


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