Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Happy birthday

It’s a rare pleasure that we get today to share Barnabas’s birthday with him and his family.

Happy birthday, Barnabas. Son #4. Son of encouragement.

I’m remembering the annual birthday poems Daddy wrote for you boys. Here’s one from 1989.

For Guess Who at Six

by Daddy

I know a brand new six year old.
When he was made they tossed the mold.
That means he’s just one of a kind.
Look high and low; you’ll never find
In all the world another lad
Who makes a more contented dad.
Who might this rare young fellow be?
I’ll give you clues, so you can see:

He talks a lot.  He even talks
When no one’s there to hear.  He walks
With courage through the battlefields
Of bedrooms, halls and stairs, and wields
His everpresent plastic sword
To slay the beast and evil lord
That lurks behind the rocking chair
And falls dead like a grizzly bear.

Sometimes a princess in distress,
With crimson cape and azure dress,
Must be delivered from the brute,
And this brave lad takes aim to shoot
The monster with a broken saw
While princess Krista stands in awe.

Sometimes his brothers think he’s cute,
With brown bowtie and little suit.
And then he tries hard not to smile;
He tries, but misses by a mile.

Sometimes you’ll find him with his back
Against a pillow, with a stack
Of Bible books, and on the tape
A story of some great escape
God gave to Joseph or to Paul;
And this young lad has learned them all.

I think, perhaps, that’s all you need
To guess his name, but one more lead:

He has a kind of pleasant roar;
We sometimes call him Number Four.
We’re glad that he is one of us:
His name?  You’re right.  It’s Barnabas.

Some things change. Some don’t. Talking. Courage. Slaying “beasts” for your princess (playmate Krista having given way to your love Lesley). And now there are two little princesses who pile onto the pillows with you to hear Bible stories of great escapes.

Happy birthday, dear Barnabas.

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3 Responses to “Happy birthday”

  1. Karin Livingston

    I Do remember those days. And I am thanking God for a delightful life partner and two daughters for Barnabas. Happy Birthday BWP.

  2. this brings back a HOST of HAPPY memories! thanks for reminding us all of this poem. and happy bday barna!

  3. Very sweet! My littlest will be 6 on his next birthday and he’s a talkative, sword weilding, Bible story loving little lad! :)
    I read this aloud to my kids and since we just studied a little poetic meter my oldest son and I said “iambic tetrameter”! :)
    Happy Birthday to your son.

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