Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Book winner and book recommendation

Follow-up: One reader, Marcia, tells us that Easter by Pienkowski can be seen and read online. Thank you so much, Marcia.


Two things are on my mind as I begin to write:

  1. I want to recommend a book I found yesterday.
  2. Yikes! I didn’t choose and announce the winner of the book giveaway from last week.

Turns out, the two become one. The winner of  is Joy Murray. In her comment she recommended:

Easter by Jan Pienkowski. We do love the illustrations for this book as well! We have always enjoyed this illustrated Bible over the years and somehow the old English of the KJ makes all the more beautiful. A family classic to treasure, although hard to find these days!

Coincidentally (God-incidentally), that’s the book I bought last night from a used-book shelf and planned to show you today.

It caught my eye right away because the illustrations are richly detailed silhouettes against evocative skies. This seemed to be one unique answer to Katie’s question in her comment: “Do you have any good Easter suggestions where Jesus is not white or at least very light? It seems many of the theologically good children’s bibles and story books have illustrations that would lead children to believe that Jesus and his disciples were white middle-class Americans and I am eager for a recommendation that would combine gospel-centeredness with less ethnocentric illustrations.”

Another thing I really like is that the text of the book is totally scripture–from Palm Sunday through to the resurrection. Some would love it because it is KJV. Others will instant-edit it into contemporary English as they read aloud to their children.

Unfortunately, Joy is correct. The book is out of print and hard to find. So keep your eyes peeled at your favorite used-book shops.

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