Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Letters from Japan

Wednesday, 23 March 2011
from my cousin on Kyushu, an island in the southwest part of the Japanese archipelago

Dear friends and family,

When I came back to Japan on March 7th I had no idea that four days later the tragic earthquake and subsequent tsunami would be devastating this country. . . .

For the last week and a half I have prayed and asked God what I could do to help the people in the prefectures north of Fukuoka who suffered so much.

Down here on the island of Kyushu we have experienced only economic repercussions to the quake, not the severe damage and tragic loss of life seen in Fukushima and Sendia and other prefectures in that area. . . .

Pioneers International have some Missionaries here in Fukuoka city who are leaving tomorrow to transport food and supplies provided by . . . Samaritan’s Purse to Sendai. . . . I thank God for this wonderful opportunity to help. . . .

Gas is a growing rare commodity in most of northern Japan. We will be driving up to Tokyo tomorrow and there load up supplies to further deliver into Sendai. Once we arrive in Sendai we will stay for two weeks to help at shelters and perhaps with the clean up if we are allowed. . . .

Daniel Moore


Thursday, 24  March 2011
from my long-time friend in Tokyo

Today, I went to the headquarters of the Christian Relief Assistants Support and Hope (CRASH Japan). . . . A housing coordinator “happened” to mention to me that a group is coming here from Fukuoka to help Samaritan’s Purse. So . . . I went . . . to look for the group. . . . [Daniel Moore and I] have been Facebook friends for awhile, so we could recognize each other right away.

When I heard his story about coming back to Japan this time, I was almost going to cry because I felt very strong God’s presence and leading.  What a gracious God we have! I was very impressed by Daniel’s steady spirit and disposition.  It seems like he has been obeying His calling all the way. [I was able to prepare] some love offering toward his personal needs during his time up North.

All the supplies by SP came to the land of Japan via US military air base (Yokota) which is about 30 min. away from us. Some of the volunteers put the supplies on trucks. and the goods are sitting in the city called Hitachi, Ibaragi. In 24 hours, Daniel and his team (merging with a team from Beijing) will go to Hitachi city to get the goods and go to the northeast where nobody has gone yet with the supplies. . . .

Daniel asked me if I know the situation in Hitachi. It is much closer to where the nuclear plants are, but I heard from a girl whose parents are living there saying they are in much better shape than we are in terms of groceries and gasoline supplies. I don’t know the situation way up north, but I assume that this team will be sort of a front line group to find out where the evacuees are.

Thank you for your prayers and love.

Chieko [Reasoner]


Friday, 25 March 2011
a 2nd email from Chieko

I have more news . . . since last night.

Yesterday, our missionary friend by the name of Ralph Jastiniano and his assessment team found 9000 evacuees whose supplies are very low. Ralph has communicated with the head office that Samaritan’s Purse teams and US Marines are going to distribute tons of supplies to those people. [Perhaps] Daniel and the Fukuoka/Beijing team will be the one to work with the Marines.

In Tokyo, it has been very cold these days, more so in NE Japan. This is my “mother’s heart” that the team members will be protected from getting sick. . . .

This week, some other items in super markets have come back, but the water bottle shelves are just empty around here.  It has rained and the radiation rates in our tap water has raised much higher this week.

Thanks again for your love and prayers!


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  1. hay que estar orando por ellos :)

    Bendiciones desde Perú! <3 :) La quiero mucho!!

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