Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Easter–books for our youngest ones

Thank you so much for your children’s book suggestions for Easter. Keep them coming. If you comment at that post, you’ll have a chance to win a book.

Here are some ideas for toddlers. Some are about Easter and others are stories that help to understand the concepts of repentance, forgiveness, and redemption.

The first two are big Bible story books that are more than just collections of stories a child ought to know. From the beginning, they are pointing to God’s “big picture.”

The Big Picture Story Bible


by David Helm

illustrator, Gail Schoonmaker

Little Hands Story Bible


by Carine Mackenzie

Little Hands Life of Jesus


by Carine Mackenzie

Baby’s First Easter

(board book)

by Emily Tuttle

illustrator, Moira MacLean

I Can Say to God I’m Sorry

(board book)

by Catherine Mackenzie

The Runaway Son

(board book)

by Carine Mackenzie

illustrator, Michel de Boer

God Creates New Life in Me


by Catherine Mackenzie

illustrator, Rebecca Elliott

The Missing Sheep

(board book)

by Carine MacKenzie

illustrator, Michel de Boer


If you have one or more of these, please  let us know what you and your child think.

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  1. We have the Big Picture Story Bible and Baby’s First Easter book. The BPSB is a favorite around here (2 adults and 3 kiddos 6 and under). I think we learned about it through a DG blog post ages ago. The pictures and story are well worth repeated reading to young children. I like the First Easter book because it is concise, yet thorough. A great way for youngsters to learn the basics of Easter. I read it to my 2 year old just yesterday!

  2. We love The Big Picture Story Bible. So engaging and Gospel-centered throughout. Excellent.

  3. HI Noel,
    This post is so helpful. I’ve really been wanting that Big Picture Story Bible. My Pastor TIm Cain (you may know him) and his wife Abbey bought their little one that bible. The words are so full of truth. It starts out communicating God’s power. The creation story isn’t so much about what God created when but focuses more on HOW God did-simply by speaking. Such a great book!
    Another great book that I’ve been going through with my preschoolers at work is The Jesus Story Book Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones. The tag-line is “Every Story Whispers His Name” So even in the OT there is a mention of a better Hero-a Rescuer. This book is beautiful and I think would meet all your guidelines for looking for children’s books. The ages would be older 4’s and up.

  4. The Parable of the Lily! Very lovely book!!!!

  5. Noel,

    Here’s a link to another Easter Book which we have at our house. It’s great on every level, from illustrations to telling the complete story.


  6. […] Easter Books For Children – With the help of other bloggers, Noel Piper has been compiling a list of Easter books for children. Some of the books are specifically about Easter, while others introduce children to the concepts of repentance, forgiveness, and redemption. We were glad to see that several titles from CF4K were included in the list.  A few of them are shown below. Be sure to read Noel’s blog post to see the list of books in its entirety: LINK […]

  7. We have had the Big Picture Story Bible since our 6 year old was born, and we LOVE it! We give it as a gift to families in our church when they have a new baby born.

    We also have the board books from Carine Mackenzie, including some other ones that aren’t shown called God is Everywhere, God is Kind, God knows Everything, etc. Our 18 month old is now starting to “fill in the blanks” with the words, and in fact I just read 3 of them to her at her own request before I came online. We would love to get more from Carine Mackenzie.

    Highly recommend both The Big Picture Story Bible (now comes with a CD) and Carine Mackenzie’s books.

  8. Do you have any good Easter suggestions where Jesus is not white or at least very light? It seems many of the theologically good children’s bibles and story books have illustrations that would lead children to believe that Jesus and his disciples were white middle-class Americans and I am eager for a recommendation that would combine gospel-centeredness with less ethnocentric illustrations

    • One recommendation is in my post of 3/30. I’m watching out for more.

    • Katie,

      The book I mentioned above – Easter Surprise – has all the characters in a nice shade of Middle-eastern brown! It’s another one of the reasons I like that book!


  9. Thanks Noel; I needed these ideas to help build our kids’ library!

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  11. […] Lots of great Easter book suggestions @ Noel Piper’s Blog […]

  12. […] Lots of great Easter book suggestions @ Noel Piper’s Blog […]

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