Friday, March 18th, 2011


Yesterday I offered a way to combine worship and practical help to Japan. CRASH is the organization your help will be channeled through.

So my eye was caught this morning by a word from  Tom and Mary Lou Ellison, missionaries to Japan supported by our church. They affirm the ministry of CRASH and remind us of the need for supplies and prayer.

We visited the CRASH volunteer office today and it was great to see a whole room full of people here working to prepare for teams coming in from the States and elsewhere who will be engaged in the disaster area. Tomorrow will be one week since the initial earthquake and tsunami and supplies on site are still very low. Today seems to have been a better day, though, with an increase of help flowing to the area. The radiation issue however is complicating the efforts.

It’s been a week. Other events are top news now. But for those who live in Japan?

photo from Reuters

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  1. This is so helpful Noel. I saved the two sites to keep checking in for updates.
    Thank you!

  2. Thank you Noel. Here’s a friend of ours who is leaving to go there on Monday. The Iverson’s are a rich heritage of ministers who walk out “applied theology”. They are dear friends… the oldest is 83 yr old Bill, still very active in Newark, NJ and the grandfather of this Danny:

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