Monday, March 7th, 2011

In like a lamb, leave like a lion

[Don’t miss the amazing gift offered at the end of this post. Gift. No strings attached.]

During our 8 months’ leave last year, one important new thing for us was beginning to work out together. Until then, Johnny was a regular runner, I was a sporadic walker, and Talitha often used our treadmill.

with Stephen MenyaWhen we were trying to decide where to go, we ran into a friend who felt her life had been changed by training with Stephen Menya and Leah Menya at Lions Gym.

I have to say, my first drive-by impression was underwhelming. If I hadn’t been looking for the gym, I wouldn’t have noticed it, tucked between a tanning salon and something else in a mini-stripmall sort of building.

But we all know it’s what inside that counts. And our friend was very persuasive, so in September, we signed up. It’s been amazing.

(Though I do think it ironic that the exercises that are supposed to keep me young and strong make me hobble painfully like a really old woman. Some days, it’s lunges that are killing me. I can’t stand up from my car seat without finding a strong handhold to pull myself up. This is good for me. This is good for me. This is good for me.)

Here are some of the things I like about Lion’s Gym:

  • The first session is always free–a good time to see the gym and get a feel for the benefits of membership.
  • There’s a flavor of Africa in Stephen’s voice and words and laughter and often in the music playing.
  • He calls us Mamá and Papá as he would any other people his parents’ generation in his home village in Kenya.
  • After our one initial free session Stephen knew what we needed. Mamá needs to work on her abs. Papá needs to strengthen his lower back.
  • Stephen sets the tone at the gym, and he is outgoing, happy, and funny.
  • He introduces members to each other so we introverts can’t just sweat and be miserable in our separate corners.
  • Stephen and Leah are Christian believers, and we have prayed together about challenges in their life and business.
  • When we arrive, we often hear worship music playing.
  • Where else would the encouragement to push harder be, “Don’t waste your reps!”
  • Stephen and other staff train all 3 of us at the same time, cycling us through sets on separate machines or sets of weights. I have seen them work effectively with 6 at the same time, each doing different exercises.
  • Most important, the trainers know their stuff and are good teachers. We always appreciate the breather when we pause so they can show us a chart and explain how some group of muscles works so our exercise makes sense to us.
  • Occasionally we get to see their wonderful toddler Sam. He drops into knee bends at the prompt of  “up – down – up – down.”
  • Finally, you know that I care about life being accessible to people with disabilities. Recently, I found out that Stephen and Leah rearranged all those monstrously heavy machines so that one client who is visually impaired can make his own way around independently while he is working out.

Okay. Here’s the gift:

Lions Gym is offering you 4 personal fitness training sessions at half price–$140 instead of $280.

All you have to do is call 952-474-7000 before the end of March to make an appointment for your initial free session. When you get there, tell them Noel sent you. Then when you decide to follow through with four more training sessions, you will pay only half the usual price.

You know you meant to get into a fitness program at the beginning of the year, but you didn’t. Or you haven’t been able to follow through. If you live in the Twin Cities area, get back on track.

You know you need it! Go for it! Maybe I’ll see you at Lions Gym.

(And please comment here to let me know you’ve made that appointment.)

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7 Responses to “In like a lamb, leave like a lion”

  1. Good for you. And what a blessing from God that you are working with believers. I don’t live in Minnesota, but in upstate New York, south of Syracuse, where we just got 2 feet of snow on Sunday. You can read about my new adventure on my blog in the “Thin is In? category where I am on a new adventure myself. God bless you and your family as you continue to not waste your life.

    • Yes, after nearly a year of great passivity, God reminded me that “I was bought with a price” and that I ought glorify Him with strengthening my weak body and mind. True, it required great effort on my part to embark on this journey with Him yet as I take that step In Christ, He is faithful to do that which He has called me to. Though, I frequently find myself rehearsing “no pain no gain” which I’m trying to replace with Eph. 6 “the armor of God”! It’s a fun workout to go through the actions and calm the mind.

  2. Sarah from Canada

    Good for all three of you! It’s really too bad that northern BC is so far away … You’re a pretty persuasive yourself. I’ll have to be content ploughing through our 5 feet of snow in my Cross country skis. :)

  3. What an encouragement this post it. I’ve been working (nutrition wise) on regaining my fitness level of just a few years ago after an eight month stint of chronic pain brought regular exercise to a standstill. It’s time for some strength-training, I think. Thanks for the referral and the “deal!” ~~ You and Pastor John both looked fresh and wonderful on Sunday at your Open House! Congratulations! Thank you! … and may God continue to bless you both in your personal life and in ministry. <3

  4. Good of you to take this step in self-care! Your gym/training sounds sooooo inviting :) While the Twin Cities are a long distance commute from NE Ohio I have returned to exercise recently myself. I found myself slugging it out the first couple of times but I already feel much better and God willing I will continue. Thanks for the encouragement Noel!

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  6. Thanks for sharing about this gym. I had my first training session today. :)

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