Saturday, February 19th, 2011

Black History Month: The history of our future generations

Today’s guest post is by Kara Chupp, wife of Jason, mommy of five (4 here, 1 in heaven), and blogger.


The adoption agency called it a “Transracial Adoption Plan.” But for us, at that point, everything we wrote in preparation was mostly hypothetical.

We promised to make an effort to build ties to the local African-American community. We started listening to more gospel music. We watched a video about African-American skin and hair care. We collected and read books on Black history, checking off every stereotypical box we could think of.

Still, it all was very much “in theory” back then.

That was then. Now two of our five children are African-American. They are “Chuppies,”–ours–and they are also African-American.

And that changes the way we view Black history. Because everything changes when it is connected to someone you love deeply.

Black history is now part of our family history. Our future generations will forever carry on those ties. The stories of George Washington Carver and Harriet Tubman and Festo Kivengere and Thomas A. Dorsey and John Perkins and Ben Carson and Martin Luther King Jr.–they hold a whole new meaning for us now.

Their lives will forever impact people we love.

Before, we genuinely admired the many great men and women who are part of Black history.

But now, we are thankful for them and for their many sacrifices and contributions in a much more deep, very personal way.


Kara recommends Heroes in Black History by Dave and Neta Jackson

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  1. Hi Noel — Just wanted to let you know I reviewed a number of books on my blog– Orange Marmalade — thoughout the week of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, all on the Black American story. I blog on children’s literature, mostly up through age 12, but several of the titles from that week are more in-depth and excellent for any age. There are five posts dated January 17-January 21 if anyone wants to check them out. Thanks for these posts.

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