Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Win a copy of Reclaiming Adoption

(Update: I realize not everyone is in the habit of subscribing to blogs. I explained one time why I find subscriptions to be a great timesaver and included directions my son wrote about how to subscribe to favorite websites.)


I’m giving away 5 copies of Reclaiming Adoption: Missional Living Through the Rediscovery of Abba Father, by Dan Cruver.

Dan and Melissa Cruver are parents of a multi-ethnic family of three children. Dan is cofounder and director of Together for Adoption, an organization that provides gospel-centered resources to mobilize the church for global orphan care.

At the Desiring God Conference for Pastors this coming week, Dan will lead one of the breakout sessions: Reclaiming Adoption: A Praying Life Through the Rediscovery of Abba Father. If you are attending the conference, I hope you will seriously consider taking part in this session.

To be eligible for the drawing to win a copy of Reclaiming Adoption, follow these steps:

  1. Subscribe to the Together for Adoption blog if you aren’t already subscribed there. (If you’re not sure how to do this, here are instructions my son wrote at his wife’s blog.)
  2. If you are a tweeter, post the following, shrinking the link however you usually do it: Win a copy of Reclaiming Adoption by Dan Cruver:
  3. Comment below to let me know you have done both of these things.

Deadline is midnight this Tuesday, February 2.

Please enter only once.

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135 Responses to “Win a copy of Reclaiming Adoption”

  1. Hi Noel,

    I have done the last 2 steps. However, I am not sure how to subscribe to the blog, I cannot find any option that would let me do that. Could you please let me (us) know how to? thank you.


    • Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve added a link to instructions that my son wrote one time. There are a number of programs you can choose from to use for subscribing to blogs. Google Reader is the one he gives directions for and that’s the one I use.

  2. i did both. :)

  3. I did both!! Thanks for the chance to get this book!

  4. Thank you Noel. I did the three steps.

  5. I’m not a tweeter, but I subscribed to the blog and look forward to learning more about this. I would love to get this book and learn more about something I care deeply about! Thanks!

  6. Book looks great! Thanks for doing this! I subscribed and tweeted. God Bless.

  7. Hi Noel,
    Thanks for the post. I don’t have a twitter account but I have subscribed to the “Together for Adoption” blog.
    My husband and I recently started thinking about adoption and wanted to start studying what God and the Bible teaches about how we as Christians should respond to the issues of orphans and neglected/abused children in our world.

    Thanks for introducing us to the “Together for Adoption” blog.

  8. Thanks so much Noel, I’ve completed the steps and I’ve read great reviews of this book. I treasure an email I had from Dan several years ago about his disabled son, back in the day of the old style ‘Piper yahoo group’.

  9. I’ve done both things… Thanks Noel!

  10. Hi Noel,

    I did both, although I must admit that I just created a Twitter account and have no friends at this time. Hopefully, my kids will share some of theirs with me. =)

    My husband and I are in the process of adopting a child from Ethiopia. Many people think we are crazy to be adopting at our ages (49 and 57). However, we are confident this is what God would have us do and we couldn’t be more excited and thankful to be on this journey!


  11. I’m not a twitter person, but I just subscribed to the blog! I was at the conference in Austin this October and was ministered to and challenged. It was amazing!

  12. Did the three things! I hope I win :)

  13. I did both. Thank you!

  14. I don’t use twitter, but did subscribe to Together For Adoption.

    I would love to get this book. Just this morning at the zoo I had to stop myself from asking another mama that had obviously adopted kiddos of a different race about their journey. God has certainly burdened my heart in this area, and thankfully is working on my husband’s in a big way. :)

  15. I don’t tweet, but did subscribe to the blog. Looks great! Thanks!

  16. I subscribed to the blog.

  17. I’ve done steps 1 and 3…I couldn’t do step #2 because I don’t tweet yet. Thank you for doing this, and I’d love to hear your perspective on the value of tweeting.

    Blessings in Christ,
    Abby in NC

  18. I did it. Thanks!

  19. I am subscribed to the blog, but I don’t twitter or tweet, whatever the correct term is. =)

  20. Kinda want to go to the Pascon to meet Dan. AMAZING guy!

    Oh and I did it, too!

  21. I have subscribed! This book sounds REALLY cool! Thanks for allowing us to enter this giveaway!

  22. Noel, I subscribed to the blog “Together for Adoption”, however, I don’t tweet so I can’t fulfill the second part. I did post the link on my facebook :)

    thanks for the opportunity!

  23. I don’t have a Twitter account, but I subscribed to the blog. I’ve been praying about the possibility of adoption, so this looks like a great resource!

  24. Okay, I subscribed using Google Reader and posted a tweet. :)

    Best wishes,

  25. I did both… The book looks awesome!!! Thanks for the chance!

  26. I subscribed to the blog via Google Reader. I do not participate with Twitter, but posted the link on my Facebook page. I would love a copy of the book!

  27. I subscribed to the blog, but I don’t tweet.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. I have subscribed to the blog, but am not a tweeter.

    I have 3 internationally adopted grandchildren, so obviously I am committed to adoption! Such a true picture of how we are part of the family of God! Thanks for the chance, Noel!

  29. I subscribed…but don’t have a twitter account. Thanks for this giveaway.

  30. Hi Noel!
    I don’t Tweet but I did RSS the Together For Adoption blog. I am thrilled someone will get the book and look forward to reading it one way or another!

  31. I’ve subscribed and tweeted.

  32. I’ve subscribed and tweeted. Would love a copy of the book.

  33. I’ve subscribed to the blog!

  34. I have done all three steps! Thanks for drawing my attention to this ministry…

  35. I have done all three steps. Thank you for giving away this book!

  36. Not a twitter, but I subscribed & will post on facebook. Hope I win: 278 County Hwy. 21, West Winfield, NY 13491

  37. Thank you for the opportunity. I did all the steps:)

  38. figured it out & linked my twitter to facebook. Hope I win.

  39. Okay I tweeted, signed up & posted on my facebook page….figured out how to tweet…thanks.

  40. I have done both steps. :) Thank you.

  41. I’m not a tweeter, but I joined their facebook page and subscribed – and I’m thankful just to know about the blog, since not five minutes ago my husband and I were discussing whether or not we would ever consider adoption – I call that providence!

  42. Subscribed & shared through facebook. :) Thanks for sharing this blog.

  43. i do not tweet, but did subscribe to that wonderful website – thank you!

  44. Have been following this website and tweeted today with hopes that I will be blessed with a book!!

  45. I did the steps. I posted the tweet on Facebook b/c I do not have a twitter account. Looks great. Thank you!

  46. I did both and thanks for the chance to win.

  47. I did both! Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  48. I did both!!

    Thanks for the chance!

  49. I do not have Twitter, but did subscribe to the blog and the Facebook page. We live in Honduras and are in the process of adopting a little girl. Your blog has been an encouragement to us in this decision – thank you!

  50. Matthew Harding

    I did both. My twitter name is mattchewharding

  51. Following the blog in my reader now and gladly left a tweet for this:!/NickHorton/status/32074922545127425


  52. I did both! Thanks for doing this giveaway and advocating for adoption!

  53. Done :) twitter name: abbyp27

  54. Hello Noel!

    + I have subscribed through google reader to the “together for adoption”… thankful to have come across this!

    + No twitter account for me!

    + Thank you for the giveaway opportunity, and spreading awareness about adoption


  55. All task are complete!

  56. Thank you for pointing me to this blog…I subscribed, no twitter account though.
    I am adopted so this is near and dear to my heart.

  57. […] January 31st, 2011More books to give awayA couple of days ago I gave you the good news that I had 5 copies to give away of Reclaiming Adoption: Missional Living Through the Rediscovery […]

  58. Noel,

    I did both of these steps. Thanks for the link and top on your twitter!


  59. I did both! Thanks for posting this.

  60. I subscribed to “Together for Adoption” &
    I retweeted the giveaway.


  61. Done and done! Thanks!

  62. I’ve done both. Thank you.

  63. Thanks for the opportunity!

  64. Subscribed to blog! Thank you for giving us chances for copies of this book!

  65. I have completed both steps! Thank you!

  66. Step 1 – Subscribe: Done.
    Step 2 – Tweet: Done.
    Step 3 – Win: Please???

  67. I have done both and would LOVE to win!

    Thank you very much for the chance!

  68. I’m following The T4A blog and I posted on twitter.

  69. I did the first. Don’t have a twitter account but posted to facebook. Am fulfilling the third step now. Thanks!

  70. done and done! thanks!

  71. done!

  72. I subscribed via google reader & retweeted (peacelovejesus).


  73. I was already subscribed to T4A blog but I tweeted the link.


  74. I don’t tweet, but I did subscribe.

  75. Hi Noel,

    Thanks for posting this. I did both of what you asked and may the winner’s be blessed by the book. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Heather Burdette

  76. Hi Noel! I followed the steps and am hopeful to win! Thanks for this opportunity!!!!!!

  77. Hi Noel!! I completed the steps! Im hopeful that I can win a copy! Thanks for the chance !!!

  78. Not yet a tweeter, but I subscribed.

  79. Hi!
    I already subscribe to Together4Adoption and I don’t do twitter, can I still enter? I am really excited about this book!:) thanks!

  80. I subscribe to the TG4A blog via RSS. I don’t use Twitter so I can’t tweet but if I did, I would!

  81. I have been subscribed to the T4A blog for quite some time and tweeted the message. @stuartborders. Thank you for the chance to get what i am sure is a great book.

    My wife and I are bringing meeting our new son and daughter on Wednesday that we are adopting. Hoping they will be in our home on friday from the hospital!

  82. I have been subscribed to T4A blog and don’t tweet, but I would love to win the book:) You are a big encouragement to me as a world Christian and mom. Thank You!

  83. Thank you for bringing this ministry to my attention! I have a heart for orphans and adoption and look forward to learning more through their blog. I am now subscribed and catching up on some of the past posts. I don’t tweet, though, so just the subscription. I would love to read this book!

  84. I subscribed to the blog, but I’m not a tweeter. We are headed to Congo to pick up our daughter in a couple months. Would love to read this before we go get her!

  85. Done! As an adopted kid with a lot of adopted friends and friends who are adoptive parents, I’d love to have a copy of this around. :)

  86. Dear Noel,
    I did subscribe to the Together for Adoption blog. I have no idea how to tweet. Sorry. But I do have a heart for adoption. My husband and I are getting ready to adopt a 3 year old girl from our local foster system. She has some medical needs, but we are thrilled for the opportunity to share a home, a family, and most of all, Christ, with her. The Lord used your adoption story along with some friends who have adopted, to encourage us to pursue this. The process has been challenging but God has been faithful to sustain and direct. We know He has ordained this and we are looking forward to seeing how He uses this in our family and our church for His honor and glory. My husband is also a pastor and we pray that the Lord may use our example to help others consider adopting also. Thanks for the opportunity to share with you. And thanks for being so willing to share your adoption story with others.

  87. Done! Thanks

  88. I’ve done both. :) Thank you so much for this opportunity!

    In Christ, Amber

  89. I don’t have a twitter account, but I am subscribed to the blog. Thanks!

  90. Hi Noel, I did both. Thanks for the opportunity :-)

  91. Thanks for this resource. I did both.

  92. hi there,
    thanks for the giveaway. I did both…:)

  93. I did both. Thanks for the opportunity. We recently completed our home study and hope to adopt within the next six months. Blessings!

  94. Angela Humphrey

    I don’t tweet but I added Together for Adoption to my list. Thanks for the suggestion!

  95. Did all the steps… thanks!

  96. Did both! Blessings!

  97. Subscribed and posted to my facebook! Thanks!

  98. Sarah from Canada

    Done. Thanks Noel!

  99. Did it – Thanks for the opportunity!

  100. I subscribed to the blog. Thanks for the rss directions from your son – I learned something new. :)

  101. wow–i’d really love to get a copy of this book. I just heard about it. I subscribed to Together For Adoption blog.

    My husband and I have adopted trans-racially and have been to the T4A conference here in Nashville. Sooo good.

  102. First of all, thank you for your wonderful postings.
    I don’t have an account with tweeter, but I signed up for the website.
    We have two adopted children and either the website and the book seem like wonderful resources to understand and support the idea of adoption, that started with God adopting us!

  103. Thank you so much for blessing us with your amazing postings and twitters. I have now subscribed to both, and am looking forward to following them!

    We adopted my son domestically and my husband and I are considering further adoption, possibly internationally. I would eat up any book that comes my way!

  104. I Subscribed to the Together for Adoption blog… I’m not a tweeter sorry about that :-) but I did what I could :-)

    I’m excited about this book. We just celebrated the year anniversary of adopting our son from Ethiopia.


  105. Katie Christian

    I have done both! Thank you for the opportunity!

  106. Please enter me into your drawing. Thanks for supporting adoption and this great giveaway.

  107. I subscribed. I don’t tweet. Thanks!

  108. Hi! I subscribed and I tweeted! Thanks, Noel :)

  109. I have subscribed to the blog :) but I don’t use twitter. Thanks!

  110. Noel – I subscribed, but I don’t twitter. My heart and soul needs to read this book!

  111. Hi Noel!
    I subscribed to the blog and tweeted – my first tweet in a long time!
    We just adopted a 7 year old boy (we had 3 bio boys already) and I’d love to read this book!

  112. Just tweeted, and on my way to subscribe. Looks like a great book, and blog. Hoping to adopt one day. Thanks.

  113. Hi, I do not tweet. But I do blog! My husband and I are hoping to adopt. I added Together for Adoption on my Google Reader. Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  114. I subscribed to the blog. I’m not a tweeter, so I added the link on facebook! Thanks for the chance to get this book.

  115. If you didn’t win here, I am giving away 3 copies at, go register to win!

  116. This is my first visit and just wanted to stop by and say hi!.

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