Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Passion 2011 — Really doing something now

Update, 1/5/11, 9:50 pm cst: Word from Louie Giglio is that the total giving for Passion 2011 Atlanta was $1.1 million. God is awesome–and I really mean that word–AWE toward God.

I’m not sure of the final results at Passion 2011 Atlanta, but here’s Louie Giglio’s Monday night update on goals for worshiping with generosity.

  • Atlanta — 15,140 towels, 72,000 pairs of socks for homeless shelters. Students were asked to bring these things with them because it shouldn’t happen that Atlanta not be blessed by 23,000 Christian people gathering there. As a result of these same kinds of gifts in 2010, this year some of the local homeless men were helping out at Passion 2011 and were doing prayer walks on our behalf.
  • Colombia — Goal: 20,000 bibles goal for unreached people. As of Monday night, 27,427Bibles @$1 each
  • Haiti — Goal:$1 donation per registrant toward college fund for Theresa Leo who has been “adopted” by Passion and will be receiving a prosthetic arm. Her father Ernst has work and a green card. As of Monday night, the college fund was $28,836
  • India — Goal: 15 wells where clean water is a daily question and struggle. As of Monday night, 17 wells were funded
  • Compassion International–Goal: 150 children sponsored. As of Monday night, 300 were sponsored
  • South Africa — Goal: 1000 meals for kids for 1 year. As of Monday, 1408 meals
  • Bolivia — Goal: Freedom for 10 women. As of Monday, 15 women have a future
  • Haiti — Goal: 15 houses @$3600. As of Monday, 22 houses donated
  • Uganda — Goal: $50,000 for  life-saving surgeries for 50 children with hydrocephalia. As of Monday, $87,000
  • Afghanistan — Goal: Funding 200 small business loans. As of Monday, 278 loans
  • Philippines — Goal: Funds for 10 rescue operations which provide freedom for an average of 15 girls each. As of Monday, 17 rescue operations.

Louie Giglio: “It’s awesome when there are people with loads of money, but we don’t have to depend on them. Together we are a force for good. We have set before you a 1/2 million goal in 4 days. Right now on Monday, we are at 3 days and so far you have given 733,700.”

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  1. What a blessing! God is so good.

  2. Hey! I was part of Passion this year and last. I am not completely sure of the results but I am getting my Passion friends to tell me and will try to remember to post them here. I know the total was over 1 million!

    Both years I have been blown away by God at Passion! I am so happy that he has chosen us to raise this money and show people that we college students are not to be forgotten and that through Him, we will change the world by glorifying and following Him!

    Last year we raised over a million also but it was because a Passion parent matched the total we gave. He has totally blown the roof off this year by allowing us to show his love to the world by giving a million without it being doubbled!

    Please pray for Ft. Worth, TX for thier Passion Apr. 1-3. I pray that God blows them away also! Louie had to add the TX event because for the last two years there have been people turned away because of lack of space. I am so excited because next year God is going to step it up again because although there will not be a TX Passion, We will be in the GA Dome which holds an astounding 80,000!! I hope that the venue is still not big enough. I hope that God’s love shines through us so brightly that the place is PACKED next year!

    “We are the chosen generation!
    Rise up Holy Nation!
    We Live for You!”
    -Chris Tomlin
    Chosen Generation

  3. Praise God!

  4. When I read this, it brought tears to my eyes! I’m so blessed seeing the generosity of young people, and their desire to change this world with the Love of Christ! Praying that the Lord continues to do a mighty work in those hearts!

  5. 17,478 towels
    85,358 socks
    21 wells
    399 kids sponsored
    75,031 market items
    2,025 kids fed in africa
    21 girls saved through freedom and future
    34 homes built
    22 kids get surgery for hydrocephalus
    365 loans given in afghantistan
    25 undercover rescue missions funded
    30,960 bibles to columbia
    21 thousand something for teresa’s college fund

    Total (not sure if includes teresas fund): 1,379,863!

  6. How beautiful upon the mountains
    Are the feet of him who brings good news,
    Who proclaims peace,
    Who brings glad tidings of good things,
    Who proclaims salvation,
    Who says to Zion,

    “ Your God reigns!”

    Isaiah 52:7

    Oh how beautiful our God is!

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