Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Songs of the children

When I wrote about our visit to the Mukhanyo Theological College, I mentioned that part of the chapel service was music from the children of the new Christian school on campus.

Mukhanyo Christian Academy is a faith-based K-12 private school serving AIDS orphans and vulnerable children in Mpumalanga, a poor region near Pretoria, South Africa. The academy offers free schooling, foster homes, daily meals, and healthcare and other services to some of South Africa’s most vulnerable children.

I wasn’t able to post videos then. So here now are the children of the Mukhanyo Christian Academy.

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  1. […] Pictures are posted now. And: the correct name of the AIDS clinic is Nakekela.Update 2: Here is a video of the Mukhanyo Christian Academy children singing.This past Wednesday morning, after a long drive […]

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