Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Real Hope for Haiti: Clinic

Real Hope for Haiti touches people in many ways. The 2 main ministries are the Rescue Center and the Clinic.

crowd waiting for clinic

Early in the morning, Charles distributes numbers to the people waiting outside the clinic gate. Then throughout the day people are admitted in small groups, according to their numbers–250-300 each day. Some have hiked for hours to get here.

Charles & Lori

RHFH is using the Creole translation of For Your Joy, produced by Desiring God soon after the earthquake.

Creole "For Your Joy" from DG

When patients receive medicine, it is important for them to understand and follow instructions. But a high percentage can’t read. So all medications have instructions both in writing and in images.

rx instructions for those who can't read

Babies are often delivered at home and some of the traditional practices can be deadly. At the clinic, each pregnant mother receives a kit of simple items with a money value of $1 or less. But the human value is immeasurable. Rubber gloves, razor blade, alcohol pads, and gauze strips equal the materials to cleanly cut an umbilical cord and bandage the baby’s belly. Much better that cutting with whatever happens to be near and risking infection for the baby.

$1 kit that saves babies' lives

You can see more of our pictures from the clinic.

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  1. Thanks for exposing me to this ministry. They have doing wonderful work for many years. I’m heading to Haiti on Saturday to visit FH CDP programs and “Child Friendly” spaces in Port au Prince.

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  3. Has anyone heard of Dr. Patrick Jeudy or his Clini-Med clinic?

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