Monday, May 31st, 2010

Real Hope for Haiti: Rescue Center

One of the main ministries of Real Hope for Haiti is the Rescue Center. At any one time, up to about 50 babies and young children are being cared for. Some are here because of injuries or other conditions that make it too hard for a family to care for them at home.

This child, for example was born with no bones in her lower leg or foot.

born with no bones in lower leg or foot

But most are there because of severe malnutrition. This is an ongoing crisis, from long before the earthquake.

Many children are admitted with kwashiorkor–a potentially fatal protein-deficiency disease

Admission for kwashiorkor

Medika Mamba is a lifesaving tool. The primary ingredient of this protein-rich food is peanut butter. Regularly at the RHFH blog there are arrival photos paired up with going home photos, and if you page down at this particular post, you can read a little bit about how they use Medika Mamba and the great impact it can have on families for the sake of the gospel.

Happy mothers returning home with their healthy children

Mothers with children discharged from Rescue Center

Here are the latest admissions to the Rescue Center.

You can see more of our photos of the Rescue Center and some of the children there.

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5 Responses to “Real Hope for Haiti: Rescue Center”

  1. Our daughter (now 4) was protein deficient and we think one of our newest blessings probably was too. Thank you for sharing this…I just want to wrap my arms around all these little ones.

  2. Noel, Thank you so much for introducing us to this ministry and these families. I’ve loved purusing their website and learning about the children and families they’ve cared for. I notice that they don’t have any type of doctrinal statement or affiliation listed on their website. Can you comment on that at all or point me in the direction to find it?

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  4. So glad you got to visit this place. Both my kids lived with Licia until they came home in the past few months. My son was malnourished and this rescue center saved his life.
    Thanks for talking about them!

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