Sunday, May 30th, 2010

The necessities of life

Our first stop in Haiti was Real Hope for Haiti in the town of Cazale, an hour north of Port au Prince. RHFH had its beginnings in 1994 when God moved the Zachary family to Haiti. Our hosts were the families of the 2 Zachary daughters–Licia & Enoch and Lori & Charles.

Enoch & Licia and family

Enoch & Licia and family

Charles & Lori

lori and charles

They put us right to work getting boxes ready for the monthly food giveaway. RHFH receives monthly shipments of cartons of basic nutritious food packs from Feed My Starving Children and Kids Against Hunger. RHFH adds to the boxes basic items that they have received as donations. This time it was toothbrushes, dental floss, peanut butter, large cans of tomatoes and packets of protein powder.

A peanut butter in each box distributing peanut butter

Donations of toothbrushes & floss to distribute over the next months donations of toothbrushes and floss

Everyone needs water–clean water. RHFH has a system for filtering water from the neighboring river. The equipment was given and installed by Water Missions International. This water supplies not only the clinic and rescue center (which I’ll post about later), but water is piped out to a public faucet where anyone can get clean water at no charge.

One thing I love to see here is 4 ministries, at least, working together to provide necessities of life for people who desperately need it–all for the sake of the Living Water and Bread of Life which they need even more desperately.

water filter

Speaking of charge, another “necessity”–though not necessarily of life itself–is cell phone power. There is a small charge for that service, money which helps buy diesel to run the generator, the source of all the electricity.

charging cell phones

You can see more photos from our arrival at Real Hope for Haiti and the food distribution.

(Sorry about photos and captions scattered every whichaway around this post. I’m tired of trying to figure it out.)

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  1. This is so encouraging. My wife, Keely, just did a fundraiser ( & RHFH is going to be receiving some of the donations.
    So encouraging to see you and your husband contributing. May God be glorified in it.

  2. Noel – I am so glad to see you at RHFH!! I have been praying for and giving what I can to help those precious lives. Many many blessings as you and John minister there …

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