Friday, May 28th, 2010

Haiti: faces

Our days in Haiti were too few and packed with sights and impressions and reactions and responses and much to keep thinking about and praying about.

The first impression for me is faces. Even though we talked with only a few of these people, each picture of each face is a reminder to me: Every single one of these faces belongs to a person who has a name and a story that is like no one else’s.

MaynasiaFour-year-old Maynasia is one of the faces=name=person=heartbreaking story. Since the earthquake, she lives in a tiny 2-room house with her Aunt Maria who is not really her aunt, but is related distantly somehow, and with Maria’s children.

As we approached, Maynasia ran out the door toward us and leaped into the arms of the closest man of our group and threw her arms around his neck. Though she had never seen any of us before, she smiled eagerly into his face as if she recognized him and announced, “My papa died in the earthquake.”

My heart wept. What will keep this beautiful tiny girl, longing for her father’s strong arms, from growing into a gorgeous young woman who still throws herself into any masculine arms that present themselves?

There is one hope for her–and for all of us. Please let the photos be a reminder to pray that Maynasia and Giveland and Jean Baptiste and Louinise and Withlove and Roselene and Lorine and so many others in Haiti would know the strong arms of the Father who will never leave them or forsake them.

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  1. Noel-

    Thank you for sharing this. Living in the US and not being able to visit and only getting what the media makes of it, makes the situation there not as real anymore! Seeing this and hearing from you what you saw, helps us here to know how to pray and keep it alive in our hearts.

    Thank you for your ministry!

  2. Thank you for the updates. Thanks for your ministry there.

  3. I got back from the Haiti 2 STM with Bethlehem a couple weeks ago. Looking through my photos I was amazed and joyful by all the bright smiles on the Haitians.

  4. Hi Noel,
    Thank you for putting some individual faces in front of ours so we can be reminded that the enormity of the Haiti devastation is filled with real people with real stories and real pain…may each of us be encouraged to do what we can to help those God puts in our path, near or far. This so relates to a post I wrote today:

  5. Such a moving post about 4-year old Maynasia. She is truly a beautiful child and her face is imprinted in my mind and will help me remember to pray for the people of Haiti, especially that they will come to know our loving Father.

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