Friday, May 21st, 2010

Dominican Republic and Haiti

Next week Johnny and I will fly to Hispaniola, the second largest island in the Caribbean. I was pretty sure I knew the name of the island, but I looked it up to be sure because I never use its proper name. Instead, I talk about the two nations that share the land — Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The first part of our time will be a too-short trip to Haiti, where we will visit a couple of the ministries I’ve blogged about since the earthquake–Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center and Heartline Ministries.

We’ll also visit a church that Bethlehem Baptist is partnering with to provide local homes and support for orphans. I hope you’ll visit Bethlehem’s Global Diaconate blog to read about the partnership program. And then I pray you’ll pray about how you and your church might be involved.

The second part of the trip will be in the Dominican Republic, climaxing with the Back to the Cross conference in Santo Domingo.

Please pray for us as we go–that we will have God’s eyes and heart and words for the people and situations we meet.

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  1. I’ll just miss you. I’m in Malakal, Sudan right now but I will be in the DR and Haiti from June 5th – 13th. I had hoped to come in early to hear John speak but this trip is conflicting with that plan. Have a great trip and we’ll continue to pray for you. I’ll see you in the fall at the annual conference.

  2. Dawit Kassaye

    I will be praying for yor trip in both places. Your trip especially concerning the orphans strikes me much! by the way, J.Piper has been an influential person both in my life and ministry, besides recently Dick has visited Ethiopia and showered us with many blessings from his preachings and thoughts and also with J.Pipers books. So, Food for the Hungry of Zeway project staff will lift you up in all your ministry to be successful and fruitful in all you do!

  3. I, too, will be praying for you and John as you head to Hispaniola. Even amidst the tragedy and poverty, Haiti is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been! He will guide you in your time there and I pray that you keep your hearts open to His council!

  4. I ran a marathon with some of Heartline’s people just before the quake. You could not be in better company.

  5. Rynette and I are praying.

  6. Praise the Lord…I am from the Dominican Rep. but I live in Canada… many people from my chuch down there will be attending the conference…I will keep praying for you…drink lots of water…it might be raining now but it gets hot!! May The Lord keep blessing you.

  7. Pastor Juan Cordova

    Ever since I heard about the conference in D.R, I have made it a priority to pray for all the speakers and God’s church in Santo Domingo. I migrated to America from D.R 40 years ago and my prayers are for this island and our brothers in haiti. We know that if the Lord is pleased a glorious beam from his throne will shine upon the island those days. May the Lord continue to bless you and your husband John Piper.

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