Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Pyramids–life and afterlife

First off, I want to recommend our guide. If you’re ever in Cairo, call Hanan Kamal (mobile 0101696000). Even the Egyptian university student who was driving us was impressed with her knowledge.

Hanan Kamal

Step Pyramid in Saqqara–first pyramid ever built, about 2800 BC.

step pyramid

We saw the first “pyramid”-shaped pyramid, which is at Dahshur, built in about 2780 BC.

Pyramid at Dahshur

But here’s where things get intrepid. See this sand pile? It’s really a pyramid. . . .


. . . and we went inside, even though the electricity was out.

inside teti pyramid

For me, who used to dream of being an archeologist, the chamber was beautiful. There was the sarcophagus, empty now. . .

sarcophagus in teti pyramid

and most phenomenal, that apparently blank wall behind the sarcophagus is covered with fine writing, which eventually through history was recorded in the Book of the Dead, a very important record of ancient Egyptian beliefs, centering around the afterlife.

heiroglyphs teti pyramid

I leave feeling thankful that eternal life doesn’t wait to begin sometime in the afterlife after we’ve atoned for all the evil we’ve done, and that Jesus has prepared a mansion for us so that we don’t have to hope to be rich enough here on earth to have all our necessities of life buried with us so we can be comfortable in the afterlife.

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  1. Wow! I clicked on one of your pyramid pictures, and I couldn’t believe how HUGE the pyramids are! When you see the tiny people in the distance, it really puts it in perspective!

  2. awesome perspective, noel! i, too, am thankful for the atonement of the cross!!!

  3. Hi Noel
    I enjoyed looking at the pictures of you and Pastor John in Egypt. You are such a loving couple. Praise the Lord indeed.

    I want to take this opportunity to let Pastor John know that I read his books a lot and visit his Desiring God website very very often. I want to thank him for I have learned a great deal from his books and website articles and sermons.

    Thank you both so much for loving God.

    Guess I should say a bit about myself – my name is Sai Moi; I am a Chinese lady living in my home country Singapore; I serve as a full-time pastoral staff of St James’ Church here (Anglican).

    God bless you and Pastor John and family.

  4. Hi Pastor John and Noel,

    It must be exciting to see the place where Moses was born and Joseph ruled as 2nd to pharaoh. The two of you look great.

    Blessings in the Lord,

    Michael, Grace and Philip (Seoul, Korea)

  5. I remember seeing the pyramids and being struck by the fact that they were old when Abraham saw them! Great pictures.

  6. Dear Sir, I saw your quote about `putting bread on your table`. My name is Colin Campbell and last month i was made unemployed from my job. I am looking everyday for work and to no avail. I am not eligible for benefits as we are in Germany (I am originally from the UK), anyway, i don’t believe in benefits; so, we are surviving upon our savings. I have faith in Jesus Christ and was saved in 1999 after 8 years of alcoholism left me homeless and a beggar on the streets of Edinburgh. It feels strange typing these words to a total stranger, but somehow i feel the need to reach out and ask that you pray for me. I ask that your prayers will help me find a job so that i can support my family and put bread on the table, thank you. Colin Campbell

    • Dear Colin, I will pray for you! My husband and I went through a very tough year, for he lost his job several times, and there was always uncertainty. But I can testify to you, that God will take care of all your needs, trust him. It wasn’t always easy, but God always took care of us.

      Much love in Christ,
      dannii becker

    • Colin,
      I too will be praying for you! I recently got a job after 19 months of no work and my husband lost his job last year and is still looking. Yes, the LORD will provide in all things. In plenty and in want, we can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens us!

      Noel- thank you for sharing the pictures!

    • Colin. You should be entitled as a UK citizen for at least some benefits. EU benefits are across the board I think. It is not un-Christian to let others help in a time of great need. Many Christians will have contributed to help others through their taxes, and would want that to go to you if you are eligible. Of course we don’t believe in living off benefits and not seeking work, but just to tide you over a bad patch is OK. Praying for you.

  7. Noel,

    I am having great fun “traveling” with you and John! With our youngest being 4, I am still many years from being able to do any of that. How wonderful that God has given you this opportunity. Thanks for taking me with you!


  8. Just discovered your blog. I love your enthusiasm and knowledge of Egypt; I share the enthusiasm if not the knowledge. You both look like you are having the trip of a lifetime. Happy traveling.

  9. Wow! I’m from Egypt and I heard that the Pipers are going to my home church in Cairo this Sunday. I wish I was there right now.

  10. Awesome photos and story! Thrilled you get to adventure into places / situations you dreamed of long ago. Thanks for sharing.

  11. We miss you at church Pastor John but are being blessed by the preaching of the word. Noel, thanks for sharing your adventure with us. I am blessed by your love for our Savior and your insights. Look forward to more pictures. Looks hot there. !

  12. Your trip to Egypt called to mind my wife’s and my trip to Egypt in 2004 as chaperons of a group of high school students from Morrison Academy in Taiwan. The camp was about two hours north of Cairo and was owned by a large evangelical church in Cairo. Could you have possibly attended that same church?

    I do enjoy the Desiring God website and its many opportunities for spiritual growth.


  13. Hello! Thanks for a great site! I found the site by chance and think it looks awesome! How long did it take to develop it?

  14. Hi, great to see you site and wonderful pictures. I envy you going inside that pyramid. You didn’t say who’s it was Unis (Wenis)? I believe his name is on your picture of the text.
    Oh by the way the writing on the walls is the “Pyramid Texts”. Later on in the New Kingdom these spells were used in the ‘Book of the Dead’. Its a kind of “Hitchhikers Guide to the Afterlife” all the good egyptian needs to know in the afterlife and live forever. Should look up spell 125 of the book of the dead ‘Judgement of the Dead’ and the reverse confession. You may recognise it.
    Also the text of Pyramid Texts is much older than the pyramids its found in.The egyptogists can tell this because of the arcane language used.

  15. we would love to have the pipers over again in Egypt.
    Pastor John’s ministry had taught me and a group of the brother a lot.
    Chrsit bless your ministry
    from Cairo

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