Monday, February 15th, 2010

Don’t forget camels!

Johnny and I are at JFK on our way to Cairo.

We’ll be thankful for your prayers. Sometimes there are important things happening that it’s hard to leave.

Johnny is scheduled to be one of the Bible expositors for Lausanne 2010. He and the others are gathering to get acquainted, to strengthen a common vision, and to study Ephesians together. That’s the main purpose of the trip.

But what else? Lord willing . . .

  • Johnny will preach Sunday, 2/21, 7 pm, at Heliopolis Presbyterian Church.
  • We will visit with a person from our church who is studying in Cairo.
  • There will be a visit to Muqattam, the garbage village, to see a bit of what God is doing there, including the amazing Saint Simeon’s Church.
  • And we will keep praying that God will open our hearts, minds, and mouths for the sake of the Kingdom wherever we are.
  • Of course we hope to visit the Egyptian Museum and to go to Giza to see the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx.

AND, don’t forget camels.

I haven’t tasted camel meat yet, and I think it’s time. It’s standard fare at feasts in Arab countries.

Also, I’ve been in an Arab country before and have ridden a camel. But Johnny hasn’t. Wouldn’t that be the perfect climax to a slide show?–My husband and I side by side on our camels, loping across the sands into the sunset (don’t forget the sunset!)?

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  1. Mrs. Piper, thank-you for sharing the joys of your marriage. It’s a blessing to see a commited Christian couple living out marriage as God intended. I’m a 20-something single from a “broken home” & it’s a pleasure to see an example of biblical marriage. Hope you both get your ride on a camel!

    Take care,

  2. We’ve been there! A great experience. Garbage city very moving, as was the church there. Amazing! And we had quite the time with the sales guys at the pyramids, etc. Lots of pers. there of our friends. Moving. We hope you have a great week and good meetings.

  3. How exciting! My 13 yo is doing a home school project on a possible mission trip to Egypt! We’ll be sure to follow along.


  4. Hello! So glad you are coming to Cairo! I and my daughter live in Cairo and I work with a refugee school.(I’m from the States as well, daughter from Haiti) Will you be visiting Maadi community Church at all while in Cairo?
    011 621 0594
    Blessings as you explore and enjoy our world and people!

  5. You and Pastor John riding camels? I can hardly wait to see the video. It might even top you and me dancing in the park in Beijing!

  6. God’s blessings on your trip!

  7. Blessings as you travel. You will be surprised at how good camel actually tastes. When prepared well, a mix between short ribs and pot roast. Enjoy!

  8. Prayers for a happy and safe trip!

  9. I’m praying for ya’ll. May God mobilize all of his power on your behalf to maximize your pleasure and delight in him.

  10. Hi. I heart the Arab world. Enjoy your time and pray as much as you can over the city and country.

  11. We’ll be praying for you while you’re there…and if you get that camel ride into the sunset, I do hope you’ll post it :-). God bless your adventures!

  12. I’m a member at the Heliopolis Evangelical church, and i’m so glad that you’re coming to our church tomorrow, i know god will use you to deliver something different to our church, may the holy spirit give you the words and the thoughts … and of course enjoy your stay at cairo as much as you can, we’ve plenty of places that would be nice, if you can go visit them. God bless you much

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