Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

One day changes a life

Thirty years ago today, my husband preached his candidating sermon at Bethlehem Baptist Church. It was amazing to us that an old, established church like Bethlehem would consider a man who had never been a pastor before and had preached only a handful of times.

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  1. So there is still hope for some of us? Been working on PhD and Africa’s needs for books and Bibles for 15 years now but still have teaching/writing/perhaps preaching? deep in my heart with few opportunities. Had an article approved on emotional control vs. emotional maturity for Discipleship Journal issue after it closed down, had article approved for CT on the reasons why agape love is emotional in the NT and my editor was let go in layoffs, etc, etc… Is there hope it could still happen? Is FEEL really still on God’s heart as well? Hard for me to tell at this point. At least your husband liked my first book – “The most thorough study on emotions in the New Testament is now Matthew Elliott’s Faithful Feelings.” What Jesus Demands from the World. All I want to do is teach the church what I have learned about what it means to love God and others – a subject spent ten years studying – and the church has such a poor understanding about it very often. Why the crazy thing of getting 2 books published with top publishers on the subject if it was a road to nowhere? Only God could have gotten them published from a complete unknown like me, and He did with a series of what seemed divine appointments. Do I need to be a reckless self promoter to make dreams happen? Anyway, Africa calls – need to review some proposals to get Bibles into the hands of the poor majority – did you know 200 million Christians in Africa do not have a Bible? Got a call from George Verwer and we talked this morning and he said, “there are 100’s of teachers and PhD’s all over the world teaching and preaching, but I know of nobody serving these needs in Africa in the same way you are. They have 1000 times less than we do.” GV knows what he is talking about, so it is some encouragement. Well, maybe I should be content that this is what God has. Well, this is degrading into stream of consciousness response to my glancing at your twitter so…

    • Matthew,

      Verwer is right. And your heart may also be telling the truth. If I calculate correctly, you are ten seventeenths of the way to the vice presidency of Egypt. Joseph’s life is a never ending source of patience for me.

      May God give you the “secret” of Philippians 4:1-13.


  2. Dear Noel,

    You are mentioned in the testimony as “the most important thing that happened to me at Wheaton College.”

    Still true.


  3. ….and we praise our wonderful Savior for what your husband has said and done since that day.

    We, like you, have adopted African American children. If you think about it, could you please pray for our oldest, Josh, who has just turned 13. He is in a battle for his soul. This last summer he had to go to Agape Boys RAnch in MO. Our hearts are broken and bleeding. Please pray for him to come back to what we know he “knows”. Most of all, he is dealing with the “adoption” issues. His identity needs to be found in Christ and not if he is black or white. We see God’s hand moving. He is 13 but 6’1″ and size 15 shoe…a big boy/young man. We have 3 other children that need comfort through this as well….that also are adopted.

    Your posts on adoption have been very encouraging.

    You can read more on my blog. Just click on “Hoss'” picture.

    Blessings to your family.

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  5. John, thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement and grace. These have been – for many more reasons than mentioned – Joseph years. We look forward with joy to a day of release, whenever and however that comes. Perhaps some day our paths will cross in person.

  6. Noel, I was just reading John’s yearly report and he mentioned how you now have this blog. This is fantastic. I remember hearing you for the first time at a JEI conference down in Annapolis, MD speak about the life of Mrs. Edwards. (I hope you remember that we all sat down for some Mexican food and fellowship afterward.) Well anyway, try to give us the low down about being married to such a crazy guy now, before it is too late, so 200 years in the future some poor saint won’t have to work as hard as you did researching YOU.
    May our Lord bless you as you bless others through your new blog.
    – Moe

  7. shelley solin

    I’m so glad John did candidate and that he was called to minister at BBC. I have been greatly enriched by his teaching and both of your friendships. I think of you all and pray for you often. I hope we cross paths again soon. I’m still only a few blocks away.

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