Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

I want to adopt. What next?

One of you commented about orphans in Haiti: “I just want to take at least one of those babies in my arms and into my house until order is restored, or even for the rest of their life.”

I can tell that many of you resonate with that desire to help, to be involved. You’ve written things like:

These kids have been through so much. I really hope red tape doesn’t get in the way of them starting over in new families quickly!
If there is ANYTHING we can do… We would love to share our family with these kids!

I would love to try to adopt one of these orphans. I am just not sure how complicated the process is.

We have been planning on adopting in a couple years, but would love to accelerate that process if we can help care for these kids, but where do we start?

My wife and I have been seriously considering adoption for some time, but we don’t really even know where to begin.

If you come across any information regarding the adoption of these children, I would be very grateful to be informed.

Here’s the best information I’ve found. Please follow all the links to get the full picture.

This comes via the Christian Alliance for Orphans. I recommend that you bookmark their site and subscribe to their blog to stay abreast of the news about orphans. They’re one of my main sources for this kind of information.

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